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Why Is It Called Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery is more common in today’s world. Anyone can undergo plastic surgery and can achieve the desired results. But Have you ever wondered why it is called Plastic surgery? Read more to know the reason along with more information about Plastic Surgery.

Origin of the term Plastic surgery

Everyone knows about Plastic Surgery and do you know how this term originated? We know About Plastic well. It’s one of the widely used words. We know plastic as a material, but It has a different meaning. The term “Plastic” originated from the Greek word Plastike and the meaning is to mold something. This is how this term originated.

History of Plastic Surgery

Do you think Plastic Surgery became popular a few years back? No, It doesn’t. Actually, it was first done in India in 800 BC. In this surgery, forehead flaps were used for reconstructing the Noses which are damaged.

Not only Indians, even Ancient Egyptians and Romans were specialized in Plastic Surgery and they reconstructed their ears and lips to enhance their beauty. In the 6th century, Sushruta contributed a lot in the field of Plastic Surgery and he was the one to start Cataract surgery. Even history says that British doctors would travel to India to learn how Rhinoplasty was performed in Indian methods. This is how plastic surgery started in the early days.

Why is it called Plastic Surgery?

This is a common doubt for everyone. But honestly many don’t know the meaning of Plastic Surgery. When I first heard about Plastic Surgery, I thought it involved the use of plastic. I believe many people have thought the exact way I am. But the truth is Plastic Surgery doesn’t involve Plastic.

Just because it is named Plastic doesn’t mean it includes the use of Plastic and fake things. As I said before, the meaning of the term Plastic means to mold or the art of Sculpting. I guess now you have some ideas. Plastic surgery aims to sculpt a body part in the way people desire.

Plastic surgery involves repairing, reconstructing, and enhancing one’s physical appearance. So this surgery is called Plastic Surgery.

Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive Surgery is a life savior for people. These days accidents are so common. People are more prone to accidents and severe injury can damage a person’s organ. At this time, this reconstructive surgery helps us. It will be performed for reconstructing and repairing the damaged organs. It doesn’t include any kind of Aesthetic surgery.

Few examples of this surgery include Rhinoplasty, Eyelid lift, Cleft lip, and Cleft palate surgery, Craniosynostosis, Liposuction.

This surgery also helps cancer patients by extending the ability to treat cancer. Most importantly, this type of surgery is used for medical purposes and sometimes helps people to alleviate some health issues.

Cosmetic Surgery

This kind of Surgery is more popular among celebrities. They usually have cosmetic surgery to enhance their appearance. This type of surgery began to be popular in the 17th and 18th centuries. At first, this surgery was only done by Rich and Famous people but today it has become more common and everyone can enjoy the perks of Plastic Surgery.

Some examples of Cosmetic Surgery are Tummy tuck, Facelift, arm lift, lower body lift, Facial implant, Cheek augmentation, etc.

These types of injuries provide both health and aesthetic benefits. One can improve their confidence by altering their physical appearance when they are insecure about themselves.

Plastic Surgery Techniques

Some common Plastic Surgery Techniques are more successful and preferred by people. They provide less scarring and the most natural-looking results. These include Skin Flap Surgery, Skin Grafts, Tissue expansion, and Laser technology.

 Skin Flap Surgery

Nowadays, Skin Flap surgery is more common and often used for facial reconstruction and breast reconstruction surgery.

This technique uses skin and tissue that has blood supply in it. Sometimes muscles are also used for this surgery. As this surgery involves the use of skin and tissues with blood supply, this heals faster than the other methods.

Don’t confuse Skin Flap Surgery and Skin graft. Both of these are different and I’ll explain to you about Skin grafts later. Again this Skin Flap surgery is classified into four types. Local Flap Surgery, Regional Flap Surgery, Musculocutaneous flap surgery, and Microvascular free flap surgery.

In Local flap surgery, the skin is taken next from the wound that is attached to the blood supply. Regional flap surgery involves the use of skin and tissue that is attached to a blood vessel. In Musculocutaneous flap surgery, both skin and muscles are used when the injury site requires more blood supply. It is most ideal for breast reconstruction surgery. Finally, the Microvascular free flap surgery helps to detach the skin and blood vessels from one site and attach it to the site where needed.

Skin Graft

This technique is also popular like the Skin Flap technique. It is often confused with skin flap surgery. But in a Skin graft, skin is taken from a healthy site and transferred to the region of injury to reconstruct the part. Mostly burned skin is treated by this effective method.

In this Skin Graft technique, the skin is removed from one area and attached to the other with the help of a Dermatome. This takes at least two weeks to completely heal from the injury. This technique also includes Split thickness skin graft, Full-thickness Skin graft, and Composite Skin graft.

Laser Technology

You probably heard about this technique. This is becoming popular among people because of its advanced treatment. This technique involves lasers without much bleeding and scarring. So this is mostly preferred every day.

Benefits of Plastic Surgery

Many people are showing interest in Plastic Surgery because of its advantages. This helps people who are insecure about their appearance and they will feel more confident once they achieve their desired results. This change in physical appearance can also boost mental health.

Never think plastic surgery only improves your physical appearance. It can also help you with achieving some health benefits. If a person is dealing with trouble breathing, they can undergo rhinoplasty. It improves their breathing and at the same time, it makes your nose look attractive. Liposuction and Tummy tuck help a lot for the person who lost excess weight recently.

Plastic surgery means reconstructing and enhancing one’s appearance. The term plastic in Greek also says that. So this is why it is called Plastic surgery and it has nothing to do with plastics.

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