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9 Best Rhinoplasty Surgeons in Sydney

While finding the best rhinoplasty surgeons in Sydney, it is essential that one gets an overview about who they are and their specialties.

Also, another point to note here is that if you see a website where a plastic surgeon who does rhinoplasty and they are posting reviews of their past patients, then what they are doing is illegal as per the Australian law.

As for contacting these surgeons for your doubts or concerns, feel free to do so. Though we strongly advise you to clarify on the total cost so that there are no issues later on.

Allow us to start with the rankings.

1.    Sydney Plastic Surgeon – Dr Ellis Choy

They tell us how confidence and self-image get improved after undergoing rhinoplasty.

As per them, rhinoplasty which is done for cosmetic reasons reshapes mainly the bone and cartilage of the nose.

Their website also has a 3-D animation of what the procedure is actually.

He is FRACS certified and is also member of Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons, ASAPS and American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

There website is also available in the Chinese language. Do check out their blog section too as it has some really informative articles.

The website also has a FAQ section separately about common questions which people may have about Dr Choy and plastic surgeries.

Address: 2/115 Sailors Bay Rd, Northbridge

Phone: 2 8962 9388

Website: https://drellischoy.com.au/

2.    Artiste Plastic Surgery – Dr. Jack Zoumaras

While many other surgeons have content to explain what the procedure is, Dr Jack himself explains about it in a separate video.

As per them, one can achieve greater confidence, better symmetry, and improvised nasal contours.

The website also has a complete gallery filled with before and after pictures of people who underwent the procedure with Dr Jack.

Artiste has been featured on notable media outlets like 7 News, Cosmopolitan, Marie Daire, Vogue, and Woman’s Day.

You can book a consultation by either calling them of simply filling a form on their website.

Address: Suite 2/2A Mona Rd, Darling Point

Phone: 2 9327 1700

Website: https://www.artisteplasticsurgery.com.au/

3.    Dr. Michael Miroshnik

He too is a FRACS and is a member of various websites related to plastic surgeries. Dr Michael makes sure that a natural and proportional look becomes the end result of the procedure.

It is also one of the most common surgeries performed by him and the reason he focuses on the nose to look natural is so it doesn’t strike out as if a procedure was done on it.

He also takes into account other associated facial features so that the end result is the best possible one.

As for the surgery itself, then you can go home on the same day but will have to take rest for two weeks and also wear a splint for the protection of the nose.

Address: 701/28 Spring St, Bondi Junction

Phone: 2 9389 8108

Website: https://www.drmiroshnik.com.au/

4.    Plastic Surgery Sydney

Dr Lait has written a book too called “Your Guide to Modern Plastic Surgery”. He has also appeared on Foxtel, 10, 9, and 7.

He also has clinics in Chatswood and Parramatta and Sydney Plastic Surgery offers a variety of surgeries that you can undergo.

Besides for aesthetics reasons, one can also get rhinoplasty done for improving their ability to breathe.

There are special types of rhinoplasties too that Dr Laith performs. You can check them out on the website page.

Address: 37 Bay St, Glebe

Phone: 2 9561 0222

Website: https://www.plasticsurgery-sydney.com.au/

5.    Pure Aesthetics

As per them, rhinoplasty can help if you have a crooked nose, want to change the base width, reshape nose tip, hump reduction, shaping the nose bridge and changing the nose size.

They even talk about what one should expect as a part of the consultation process and there is even an embedded video on their website.

Everything that you want to know is on their site.

Address: Level 6/149 Macquarie St

Phone: 2 9252 9262

Website: https://pureaesthetics.com.au/

6.    Dr Eddy Dona

Dr Dona is a fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and is also a member of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons.

They also have unique approach as they ask you to go through their website and familiarize yourself with some important things and they also say that you can think of this as the initial consultation.

Rhinoplasty isn’t the only procedure which Dr Eddy is skilled at and he also works on other issues related to breasts and body.

He also has a great blog section too on the site. If you are interested in before and after pictures, there is a gallery section too.

Address: Suite 413/29-31 Lexington Dr, Bella Vista

Phone: 1300 373 662

Website: https://www.drdonaplasticsurgery.com.au/

7.    Dr Jeremy Hunt

Dr Hunt is yet another reputed surgeon who can help you with rhinoplasty procedure. Also, he excels at a number of other plastic surgery procedures as well.

He is also a leading expert of the field not just in Sydney, but also in the whole of Australia. He talks about how your nose is the central feature of you face and even has some before and after pictures.

You can book a consultation online with him as well besides calling his office.

Address: 609/180 Ocean St, Edgecliff

Phone: 2 9327 1733

Website: https://www.drjeremyhunt.com.au/

8.    Dr Warwick Nettle

DrNettle has done about a thousand rhinoplasty procedures to date and hence, he perfectly understands that it requires someone who has the eyes of an artist and a proper understanding of how the nose works.

Address: 59/75 Grafton St, Bondi Junction

Phone: 2 9387 3900

Website: https://www.drwarwicknettle.com.au/

9.     Dr Darryl Hodgkinson

Dr Darryl performs a number of types of rhinoplasties and he has a number of articles and case studies related to that too on his website.

Address: 20 Manning Rd, Double Bay

Phone: 2 9362 7400

Website: https://www.drhodgkinson.com.au/


Best rhinoplasty surgeons in Sydney have made sure that the residents of the city have access to a complex type of plastic surgery.

Someone with proper skills and effort can give a great look to your nose and resolve any underlying medical issues too.

Do ensure that you discuss everything in detail with your surgeon about all aspects of the procedure. Also, if required, don’t hesitate to take a second opinion.

Cost is also something that you must be clear about besides the recovery. We wish you all the best and sincerely hope that you gained some value after reading this post.

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