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Why Do You Get Back Pain After Abdominal Surgery?

Undergoing abdominal surgery is not the simple one. Especially the back pain that everyone experiences after abdominal surgery. Whether it is surgery for hernia or C-section, back pain will be a nightmare. Do you know the reason why you get back pain after abdominal surgery? There are a lot of reasons for that. Keep reading to know more about them.

Why is abdominal surgery done?

First, let me tell you why abdominal surgery is done. Abdominal surgery is inevitable and it is the only way to treat serious issues related to the abdomen. It mainly treats all the conditions that affect your stomach, spleen, intestine, and colon.

So, To prevent any further complications, abdominal surgeries are done. Before you undergo surgery, make sure that you follow all the instructions.

Types of post-surgery pain

Generally, to cure something first you have to know what is the cause of the pain. By identifying this, you can easily know how to cure it.

There are different kinds of post-surgery pain. Even though every pain hurts, their cause of pain differs. So automatically, the pain you experience will differ from the other pain.

Nociceptive pain

These pains are very common and you will experience them when any damages are done to your bones, muscles, skin, and organs that have undergone surgery. However, these are only temporary. So proper treatment will help you alleviate the pain.

Somatic Pain

These are common pains that everyone comes around with. It includes cuts, bruises, and burns. These pains can be easily relieved when these scars heal. So there’s nothing much to worry about.

Deep Somatic pain

As the name says, this kind of pain is deep and mostly occurs in the incision area. Suppose If a surgeon wants to remove the inflamed appendix, he will cut the muscles of the abdominal wall. After the surgery, these muscles could cause pain and it is said to be deep somatic pain.

Visceral pain

Visceral organs always refer to internal organs. So the pain caused in the internal organs is called Visceral Pain. Most people experience this kind of pain when they have appendicitis or gas pain.

You can feel this pain after the surgery when the surgeon cuts the gastrointestinal tract.

Why do you get back pain after abdominal surgery?
If you have undergone any kind of abdominal surgery, you have experienced back pain especially right after the surgery. Sometimes it could be intolerable. But it’s common to experience this kind of pain after the surgery.

Let’s see all the reasons behind the back pain after abdominal surgery.

The pain could be caused by organs of the abdominal regions which are involved with a particular surgery. Even though it causes huge pain, it will go away soon. So don’t worry about that.

There will be a lot of internal scars, especially on the incision site. So these scars add pain to your back.

Another reason for your post-abdominal surgery pain is the soft tissues. These soft tissues are mainly located in and around the incision site. If you don’t know what the incision site is, It means the area of your body which is going to be cut for the operation. These areas are more likely to cause pain in the back region.

Sometimes during the surgery, your nerves could be compressed to a certain level. This minor compression can also cause severe back pain.

Finally, there is another reason that is responsible for getting back pain after the surgery. But this one doesn’t come before the surgery. It is completely based on a person’s previous medical history.

Yes, what you are reading is right. We often think that every pain we experience after the surgery is because of the surgery. But that is not the case here.

You may experience back pain after the surgery due to your previous medical history. Maybe you can or can not be aware of your certain medical conditions. But after the surgery, you will feel all the pain immediately.

Maybe you could have some serious back pains. Once you experience the pain, you immediately seek advice from the doctor and It could be cured after a few days or months. Sometimes you don’t even remember this kind of problem in your back. But this will all hit once again when you have done your abdominal surgery.

This is so common and without knowing the real fact many people take several other treatments and medications. So, all you have to do is to find what is the cause of your abdominal pain after surgery.

How long does the pain last?

You will experience incision pain or swelling after your abdominal surgery. As it is common, make sure to take sufficient rest. It generally takes a week or maybe two to get rid of the pain.

How to prevent post-surgery back pain?

We can not completely avoid post-surgical pain. But the following tips will help you to reduce your pain. So read carefully!!

It is very important to manage the scar tissues after the surgery. So, you can opt for physiotherapy that will help you to reduce the stickiness of the scar tissues which allows your tissues to move forth and back.

Physical therapy will help you to reduce your back pain by limiting the soft tissues which increase the pain. Another technique that will help you to reduce back pain is Neurological desensitization.

Avoid sleeping on your stomach after the surgery. This will hurt your spine and add pressure to the hip area. Always make sure to check your scars and abdominal muscles frequently. Visit your Physiologist often and take care of your health.

We can’t tell a specific reason behind why you get back pain after the abdominal surgery. It could be due to the scar tissues, any of the abdominal organs, and soft tissues that are cut during the surgery. Apart from these, your premedical conditions are also the reason for your back pain. So follow your doctor’s advice and implement Physiotherapies.

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