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Why Do Surgeons Wear Crocs?

Crocs. Crocs are a type of shoes that are mostly made out of rubber. It is loose fitting which is why it is very comfortable to wear. Crocs can be worn on many different occasions such as a casual day, a walk in the park, hanging out with friends, a picnic day, a trip to the beach, or basically anything that can be enjoyable as long as the person is comfortable with what they are wearing.

Although despite how trendy these kinds of shoes are especially to the younger generation, these types of footwear are actually quite controversial due to how some people do not like the way how the crocs look. But who are they to say bad stuff to the person who wears it any way?

People who wear these kinds of shoes even go to the lengths of buying accessories or decorations for the crocs and insert them into the holes on top of the shoes to make them more personalized and suit their liking better. For something that is made of very durable material, crocs are actually quite pricey. The appearance can also be a bit controversial and the price would not make any sense for its appeal but people still buy it anyway for comfort purposes. They buy crocs instead of flip-flops because crocs can actually still protect the feet due to their dome-like cover that makes the feeling of wearing it airy and loose.

Since crocs are very versatile and can be worn almost anywhere, the question comes to mind about whether is it allowed to be worn in a formal setting or professional atmosphere? Well, the answer is, no, of course.

Just imagine showing up at prom wearing crocs on, or go into a job interview while wearing your hot flaming crocs slippers. Just expect that you will be the center of attention and a delicious anecdote about how hilarious you looked during a formal setting. In worse situations, you might not even get the job if you flex your vibrant crocs to work.

But there is actually an exception for some professionals. Yes, emphasis on the word, “professionals” who are known to be respected very high by most people due to their status at work, their excellent expertise, and very heavy responsibilities.

The professionals that this article is referring to are no other than the medical professionals in the medical and health-allied fields.

I know what you are thinking? Do doctors and nurses wear crocs? Yes, they do, in fact, crocs are a very popular brand for doctors or other medical professionals because crocs are extremely easy to clean, sterilize, and due to the load of work they must do, crocs are very suitable for them in their kind of job because it is comfortable and it does not restrict blood flow, unlike other tight-fitting shoes. Crocs are extremely light as well and it enables the doctors to move faster and have more agility especially when an emergency arises in the medical establishment that they are working in. Another reason and pro for these types of shoes are that it inhibits the production of sweat due to how breathable and loose they are.

Crocs are also recommended by other doctors instead of wearing other sneakers which have a very absorbent material. Since crocs are not made up of absorbent material, any chemical, dirt, or such as the bodily fluids of their patients can not be absorbed by the shoes but will only smear it. It will be easier for the doctors to clean the mess on their crocs slippers.

Are Crocs Free for Doctors or do They Have to Pay for it?

In some cases, doctors will have to pay or buy their own crocs but in other medical establishments such as public hospitals, they can provide crocs for their doctors for free.

As for some doctors, they can acquire crocs for free if they promote them in their social media accounts such as YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and perhaps, blogs. In some medical establishments, crocs can already be provided by them along with the uniforms for medical professionals who have applied for a position for their establishment.

But there actually some rules to be considered if a doctor was provided free footwear by the medical establishment they are working at. Rules such as not being able to take the crocs home and can only be strictly worn at work. It would make the medical establishment seems too lenient and would be spoiling their employees with free shoes to wear in their houses.

Are Crocs Allowed in All Medical Establishments?

If you think that crocs are allowed to be worn by medical professionals in all medical establishments, well then you are wrong. There is some news about how crocs should be banned inside medical establishments due to how it increases the risks of those who wear the footwear to injuries. Injuries such as getting easily wounded by sharp objects if it falls down on the shoes. Another type of event that could cause injury is that if crocs are exposed to high temperatures and they will melt pretty easily.

Crocs may have been one of the most comfortable shoes a person could wear due to its structure but it only provides minimal protection and coverage on the person’s feet which is why it is pretty dangerous for doctors to wear these types of shoes. Since surgeons are pretty exposed to some types of machinery, chemicals, and sharp tools when operating on a patient this is why this is a valid reason for some medical establishments to ban crocs from being worn by medical professionals in the workplace.

The Bottomline

To end this article, crocs can be a solid choice for medical professionals because of its durability, loose-fitting structure that does not inhibit the blood flow of the medical professionals’ feet, and this makes their work easier and makes heavy workloads or longer shifts in the work more bearable because crocs are very comfortable to be worn. Now, this is what the fuss is all about.


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