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Why Can’t You Wear Deodorant Before Surgery?

Deodorant is one of the important personal care products that no one can avoid. But you often hear that you can not use deodorants before surgery. If you are undergoing any surgery, your doctor will advise you to avoid wearing deodorant before the surgery. But do you know why? It’s confusing right. Let us see the reason why you should not wear deodorant before surgery.

Mostly, everyone has come across the term Deodorant. Everyone hates the stingy smell. Of course, no one can tolerate it. Is there something that you can do to avoid those bad underarm smells?

Here comes the life savior deodorant to protect you from bad odor. It basically prevents body odor by preventing the growth of bacteria in the underarms.

It only prevents bacterial growth, not perspiration. Mostly, deodorants are alcohol-based. So it makes your skin acidic. Most Bacteria hate to live in an acidic environment. So automatically deodorants’ alcohol nature prevents the bacteria from growing underarms.

But one thing you should remember is that your deodorants will not stop you from sweating. If you want to prevent sweating, then you have to use Antiperspirants. This will avoid sweating by blocking your sweat glands but deodorants will fight with the underarm bacteria and help you to smell nice.

Another important thing is the sweat secreted by sweat glands will not cause any bad odor. But bacteria in the underarm will consume the fats in the sweat and make you smell bad. So don’t blame sweat!!

How do deodorants work?

Deodorants contain some ingredients like alcohol and other antimicrobials to prevent bacteria and also have a fragrance to mask the bad odor. It also has ingredients like Sodium stearate, Sodium chloride, and Stearyl alcohol. Not only this, but it also has antimicrobial ingredients like EDTA and Triclosan.

Okay, now we know the ingredients that prevent us from bad odor. But do you think these are all the only ingredients used in the deodorants? Not really. The fragrance which masks the odor is also found. These all ingredients together will help you to smell fresh.

Do deodorants enter the bloodstream?

Deodorants have some ingredients that may be toxic to humans. It is believed that these ingredients directly enter the bloodstream and cause cancer. But that’s not the case every time. If you apply something to the skin, it doesn’t have to enter the bloodstream. It mostly depends on the chemical that is used for the deodorants. But most of the ingredients are found in the blood which is proved by blood tests.

It is said that these will cause cancer. But there is no accurate evidence for that.

Harmful effects of deodorants

The deodorants contain harmful ingredients like Phthalates, Parabens, Diethanolamine, and Triclosan. These can cause skin disorders and allergies. It could even disrupt the hormones and cause breast cancer. Others also claim that it may cause Kidney diseases and allergies.

Why can’t you wear deodorant before surgery?

When you use deodorants you often find white residues in your underarm. This is all because of the ingredients used for the deodorant. It could leave a deposit on your skin. At the time of surgery, it will be hard to remove it. So you must avoid wearing deodorants before the surgery. If you wear deodorants, it will also be hard for the surgeons to cut the incision site. It may lead to any other surgical complications.

You must avoid deodorants, especially If you are undergoing shoulder surgery. Not only deodorant but also other skincare products could leave a residue that makes it hard for the surgeons. So this is the reason why your surgeons advise you to avoid this kind of product.

Apart from the above reason, there is another thing that you must know. I have already said that deodorants contain alcohol. So when you use alcohol before surgery, it could lead to other problems like burning.

Especially If a surgeon uses diathermy machines, the alcohol in your deodorants may react with the machine and induce sparks that are most likely explosive in nature.

Other things to avoid using before surgery

Now you know why you can’t use deodorant during surgery. But it’s not the only thing you should not use before the surgery. There are many other things that you must avoid. Let’s see that.

Avoid wearing Makeup before the surgery. If you wear makeup, it will be hard to find the healthier circulation of your skin. It can also cause eye injury especially when you undergo anesthesia.

Other things like Nail polish and Acrylic nails should be avoided. Nail polish can halt the machine called Pulse oximeter and acrylic nails also make the process harder.

Apart from that, avoid wearing Contact lenses, Tight clothes, Dental appliances, Tampons, and Any kind of body piercings and jewelry. Even you have to remove your wedding rings.

Jewels could be lost or damaged during the surgery. So it is advisable to remove any of it in your home.  Sometimes, the bacteria in your jewelry could enter into the open wound and cause infections.

Also, avoid using hairsprays. Because it could be flammable in the operation theatre. So always make sure to secure your hair properly.

If you want to use any of these products after the surgery, consult your doctor. Take a rest and follow your doctor’s advice very carefully. If you have undergone shoulder surgery, then it’s best to avoid deodorant for some period.

These are all the things that you must avoid before or after the surgery. If you had any doubt about using deodorants during surgery, hope it is clear now. So don’t feel embarrassed for not using deodorants during surgery. It’s nature and your doctors will understand this. Avoid this while surgery makes it comfortable for your surgeons. So always follow exactly what your doctor says.

To have a successful surgery, avoid using deodorants and any other products mentioned above. If possible, find any natural alternatives for deodorants but only after medical advice. Always consult your doctor and take care of your health.

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