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Why Are Surgeons Arrogant?

Professionals thrive in a cutthroat industry wherein their atmosphere is always full of competitiveness and constant striving for advancing to higher ranks. This is quite understandable though because professionals have undergone so many years of extensive, expensive, and vigorous training in order to hone their excellent skills, dexterity, and character that helped them get to where they are right now, so it is understandable that they put those attributes of them to good use such as advancing to a different level of their careers.

Of course, what comes along with certain changes in their rank in their line of work is their attitude and personality. Before, they were humble and are still trying to get the ropes of their workplace. They were once a newbie who was intimidated by their superiors and seniors. But once they finally started to get the hang of their work and start to gradually get out of their own shell and some people would actually go the lengths just to advance to a new level, they start to feel confident, and once they have reached the point of one of the highest levels in authority, they will start to feel proud. Sure, there is nothing wrong with feeling proud with one’s hardships throughout the time has been finally paid off but some professionals completely change and have become more stuck up.

A perfect example would be for this in a given scenario are professionals in the medical field. Surgeons to be specific.

Before becoming surgeons, they were once undergraduates, still adjusting to their surroundings during their first years in medical school but as the time condensed to years when they finally get a degree and head to a training school for experience, they will have to start building character due to the competitiveness and the standards of the medical field. The medical field is a necessity and an essence to every person’s life which is only natural why it is so difficult to pursue medicine.

The said doctors in training will be one of the lowest-ranked workers of a medical establishment since they are still not licensed and are only practicing for tier specialty to get a medical degree.

They will still feel inferior since they are not at a rank to have such authority over some professionals or have the prestige and respect of every employee in the medical establishments. But once they have finished their years in training for getting a medical degree, they can finally get their licenses and perform surgical practices.

What are the Factors as to Why Surgeons are Very Arrogant?

Since it was previously mentioned before that surgeons undergo so many years of training and competitiveness in order to finally become licensed surgical practitioners, which is a huge responsibility because they will be responsible for a patient’s life in extremely critical situations.

Due to this, they somehow feel a sense of self-importance because they know that their line of work or specialty is what every person needs.

Another factor as to why surgeons seem really arrogant comes back to what was previously mentioned, their background, they are medical professionals who spent so many years training and studying to become surgical professionals that every person needs because they have a duty to treat every person’s condition and to provide the best healthcare services for their dearest patients.

Added to this, due to the long years of studying and training, they basically know so much about anything that is related to the medical field which they act as they know so much about everything. This can also be a contributing factor to the reason why they are perceived as arrogant or less-agreeable is that they might try to counterpart other non-surgeon staff since they are not the same rank as surgeons.

Another contributing factor as to why surgeons seem so arrogant is due to their high levels of extraversion. They are really extroverted and sociable and because of that, they have so many connections in the medical establishments they are working in and other professionals in the different fields of profession and it is basic knowledge or the conception of society that the more connections a person has, the higher status they have in society because they have the chance to associate themselves with other higher-ups in the different industries.

The Bottomline:

These are the reasons why surgeons are very arrogant. They were cooped in medical school and training in order to hone their character, improve their skills, and increase their knowledge in order for the medical field to have a brighter future for the upcoming batches of medical practitioners. This whole notion is wholly constructed inside their minds that since they hold the lives of every person who comes to consult them for treatments, surgeons think they have a God complex.

Although this can actually be misleading. Sure, they have the seniority and are considered as one of the medical professionals who have the highest ranks in the field, they are burdened with heavy responsibility.

Just imagine having a huge responsibility and a lot of people entrusts their life to your hands and how they work with tools such as a scalpel. It is a very pressuring and anxiety-inducing responsibility. Added to this, they operate on multiple patients every single day, they sometimes have to sacrifice their rest, sleep, and day-offs just to provide their services to the patients who are in dire need of their medical assistance. One of the worst and saddest parts of their jobs is that when they lost a patient, they will have to deal with it quickly because they could not let too many emotions disrupt their performance at work even if it does really weigh them down.

These are the reasons why they may seem aloof, arrogant, or self-entitled but we should still be compassionate about what are they going through on a daily basis. Surgeons are just extremely busy professionals who are trying their best in order to provide the best quality of healthcare and surgical needs that every person deserves.


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