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What Does An International Surgeon Need To Do To Be Able To Practice In Australia?

In the year 1978, Australia adopted an assessment of system called IMGs, they used it as a national examination for none specialists.

After it was adopted, different states and territories brought in their manner of approach to this assessment or examination.

Many years later, a body in Australia known as the Council Of Australian Government (COAG).

This body single-handedly adopted a new system that helped them use IMGs to assess the surgeons coming from outside the country.

The health ministers in Australia later had the power given to them by health ministers, they were awarded the responsibility for enforcing this particular decision and a prototype was created afterward and given to them.

They had several pathways laid out and given to the health ministers later on.

Here are the three pathways that as laid out in the prototype that was submitted:

Competent Authority Pathway

Standard pathway

Special Pathways

Under the specialist pathways, we have things like standard specialist assessment, area of need assessment, and specialists trained overseas.

The competent authority was brought to play around July 1st, 2007.

The standard pathway came about the next year, although it was only partial as it was just the first stage.

This first stage was created for the general practitioners and non-specialists.

The Australian Medical council has the right to process all previous information concerning the assessment of the international surgeons and other international trained medical personnel.

Below is what the assessment talks about and the pathways too.

Common Assessment Needs

These steps are included in each of the pathways

English language assessment, assessing proficiency at a standard level.

Main source confirmation of capabilities.

Access to going ahead with professional improvement.

Assessing a particular explanation with the rate of assessment to the rate of risk.

Undergoing orientation in three months of beginning the employment and indication of adequate completion.

Competent Authority Pathway

Competent authorities are provided with overseas accredited medical practice and they usually are assessed through examination authorities that have been checked and approved with the criteria provided by AMC.

You have to be competent to go through the nnormal assessment of medical knowledge and clinical skills when you are about registering in Australia.

Major criteria used here in the recognition of a competent authority is the rate at which the clinical is agreeing with the Australian context.

This is usually described with relation to the way the disease, rate of medical technology, release of medical education, and professional ethics.

The AMC has given power to four examination authorities in different countries.

The first country is the United Kingdom, the examination authority as PLAB examination, in the USA, there is the USMLE examination, while Canada is the MCC licensing examination, and New Zealand has the NZREX examination.

The AMC has also given some medical school accreditation policies in the UK and other countries as competent authorities.

IMGs go through preparation in employment assessment of the usefulness for a situation if needed by the state or medical board members.

What the medical board members do is to determine preparation for employment structure clinical interviews (PESCI) is needed.

How is it done? Well, it is done by including an AMC-accredited provider to carry out the position description.

This could be done if needed for extra senior hospital-based places and is added as an issue of course for the common practice positions.

Doctors that are allowed to go ahead with the competent authority pathway are permitted to go ahead with bigger standing watching the AMC certificate and undergo at least one year workplace-based assessment to make sure there is a reasonable adjustment to the Australian health care system prior to them being allowed to get the AMC certificate and then take the next step of getting the general registration.

AMC Standard Pathway

Doctors who are not allowed to be involved with the competent authority or specialist pathways are assessed by examining the AMC standard pathway.

When you include the common assessment requirements, two major examinations or assessments that must take place are written below:

AMC multiple choice questionnaire examination.

AMC clinical examination

A PESCI is needed for all IMGs that are going in for general practice positions and some IMGs in hospital places.

Just like every exam, when you go through the AMC examination or assessment, you are given the AMC certificate.

Assessment Of Overseas Trained Surgeon

In the 20th century, every surgeon who practiced in other countries and is now requesting to practice in Australia was asked to provide a primary medical qualification which if he or she did not have would have to write and clear the Australian Medical Council examination.

You would have to get the main registration before they could be allowed to practice as a surgeon.

There was also a time when two states had different registers.

Later on, the Australian Health Minister Conference that has been awaiting the enforcement of mutual recognition scheme that allowed a procedure that let surgeons from other countries be assessed.

The assessment is carried out by a relevant specialist medical college based in Australia.

Medical colleges that are given the power to do this must follow the standard which is also followed for an Australian trained surgeon in the same area of surgeon practice.

If the credential and relevant practices of the applicant were assessed, then it is a little comparable to the Australian surgeon. The surgeon could go ahead and register only in his or her area of specialty.


The International Medical Graduates (IMGs) that gained their medical certificates from countries outside Australia or New Zealand and are coming to Australia in search of a chance to practice there Must come with evidence that shows how eligible they are to go through either of the pathways. The process of assessment gives the knowledge and clinical abilities of these surgeons looking to be allowed for practice in the Australian medical system. The pathways involved are competent authority, standard, and specialist. You just need to undergo one of them to be given a practice license in Australia.

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