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Myths Associated With Surgeries

It is no surprise that all of us here know so much about surgeries but of course, not as much as real surgeons do. Our knowledge could only take up an extremely small percentage of the knowledge they possess after their extensive studies in their field all throughout the years. The reason why we know so much about surgical operations is that we watch too many popular medical television series. We sometimes even mimic what they say such as, “scalpel, please.” We just adore the series and the thought of becoming like our favorite characters in the show.

Despite the popularity of all the medical series or television shows such as Grey’s Anatomy and The Good Doctor, most of the surgeries being performed by our favorite characters in the show does not fully reflect the reality of the surgical operation and a surgeon’s life. So basically, in some parts of the show, we are mostly enthralled and obsessed by all the webs of lies. But hey, it is a guilty pleasure, a type of escapism, and who is to say to stop watching them anyway?

Anyways, in this article, we will still be eradicating some myths regarding surgeries and hit you, readers with the truth.

What are some Interesting Facts in Surgery and Surgeons?

In this segment of the article, we will be busting some myths or hearsay regarding the line of surgery.

First of all, most people believe that there is only one type of surgeon. Like, it is only a career without any sub categories with further sub categorizations. That is a false. Sure, surgeons do deal with multiple operations regarding the body of a patient but that does not mean former medical students studied every system of the body thoroughly in order to be able to specialize in every system. That is not the case since medical students are free to choose on which specialization they wanted to pursue so that they can only focus on that for their job once they became surgical practitioners.

An example would be a plastic surgeon. Sure, these type of surgeons focus on the aesthetic and reconstruction surgical operation on their patients, but some plastic surgeons only focus on a single or perhaps more that they could handle to specialize on, such as rhinoplasty, which is the nose, or they could just be plastic surgeons regarding breast augmentation.

Second myth to be busted is that an excellent cosmetic or plastic surgery does not leave any scars on the patient’s skins after the operation. Another false statement. It is only natural for every wound to form into scar, and that is also applicable to post-surgeries stitches. Those stitches were once open wounds in order for surgeons to operate internally, but they were just sewn into place to avoid infection and stop the bleeding. After weeks of recovery, the stitches will melt and the once site of operation will become a scar. Although in other surgeries such as plastic surgeries, which ensures aesthetically pleasing results, plastic surgeons are dexterous when it comes to making the site of the operation less visible and would simple just look like a normal groove of a person’s face or body.

Third myth is about the portrayal of every surgeon as a person who is cold-hearted or aloof. Most television shows portray or stereotype surgeons as hostile and very distant people in the workplace. Surgeons were always portrayed as someone who is extremely arrogant, although this part is quite understandable since they have the seniority and their responsibility is extremely heavy as well. But regardless, surgeons are not the cold-hearted people that we think on famous televisions when in fact, they empathize so much with their patients. Surgeons always try to ensure that their patients get the best quality of healthcare services which is why surgeons try their best to always tend to their patient’s needs. Surgeons do not just operate on their patients but they also serve as emotional support to their patients who are extremely nervous before, during, and after the surgery. So, tell me, do you still think surgeons are cold-hearted?

The fourth myth for this article is revolving a surgeon’s social life. Every person has a social life, and every person is a sucker for an extremely lit party. Surgeons, of course, as we all deemed them as proper, neat, orderly, and very serious professionals and individuals, they are no exception to a great hangout with other colleagues at the bar or just a simple day or lazy day with their loved ones. Surgeons, despite how busy they can get, they also take some needed breaks whenever they are free or if it is a holiday. It is their choice whether they want to remain as another set of helping hands in the hospital even if it is time for their break. But yes, surgeons do have a social life beyond the intimidating and anxiety-inducing aura of the operation rooms they are familiar to.

As for the fifth myth, it circles back to the previous myth that was busted in which this will further elaborate how some surgeons can be arrogant or have a God-complex. It is a factual that being a surgeon grants high praises and respect from other people since becoming a surgeon is extremely hard. Not just in the line of work but during the days wherein a surgeon was still a medical student. Studying medicine is one of the hardest tasks since the medical field or courses is filled with loaded information. Medical students do not just memorize thousands of terminologies regarding their course but they also have to comprehend every detail, connecting every factor, and understand every concept in the discipline of medicine, which is why they are highly-respected. It can be true that surgeons might have so much arrogance due to their growing ego but it is really understandable since they feel proud for themselves after accomplishing and withstanding the pressure that comes with medical school and the surgical field.


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