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37 Laser Eye Surgery FAQ

Laser Eye Surgery Introduction

LASIK is a comparatively recent medical treatment as it was given approval by the FDA in the 90s.

If you are myopic or hypermetropic or have to wear glasses for some other reasons, LASIK can help you leave them behind.

 We also understand that you may have questions about the procedure and the associated details and which is why we have decided to discuss some basic questions and their related answers in this post.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is LASIK better than glasses?

While both correct our vision, it is up to you whether you wish to undergo LASIK and become free from glasses.

Is laser eye surgery scary?

No. It is a proper certified medical surgery carried out by qualified professionals.

What can I expect immediately after LASIK?

Immediately after undergoing LASIK, you would be asked to take rest for the next 24 hours.

How long should you sleep after LASIK?

There has been no impact of the duration of sleeping on a person after LASIK surgery.

Does insurance cover LASIK?

No, since LASIK is an elective procedure.

How much does LASIK cost for both eyes?

In Australia, it would cost about 6000 AUD or so. Cost may vary though.

Can LASIK fix astigmatism?

Yes, LASIK can fix astigmatism.

How can I get my insurance to pay for LASIK?

Insurance companies don’t cover elective procedures like LASIK.

What type of insurance covers LASIK?

Most insurance policies and companies don’t cover LASIK as it is an elective procedure.

Can LASIK be medically necessary?

Your ophthalmologist will tell you whether LASIK is necessary in your case.

Does LASIK go towards deductible?

LASIK expense can give you benefit while filing annual taxes.

Is LASIK covered under VSP?

Yes, VSP does give its members the option to claim associated benefits.

How long do I have to wear sunglasses after laser eye surgery?

While it is a must to wear them in the first 24 hours, your surgeon may advise you to extend that based on your condition.

What can you not do after laser eye surgery?

There are things like driving, using your smartphone, watching television etc. that shouldn’t be done during the recovery period. Your medical professional will explain about every dos and don’ts that you should follow.

Can I use my phone after LASIK?

You can’t use your phone just after LASIK as 24 hours is a mandatory rest period after the procedure.

Can I cry after LASIK?

Yes, you can cry post the procedure.

How long does it take your cornea to heal after LASIK?

Initial healing begins immediately and crucial one gets done in one month. Still, it is not advisable to put unnecessary pressure for 6 months.

How long after LASIK can I shower?

While you can shower after 24 hours of your surgery getting over, try not to let water and soap enter the eyes.

Can you drive after LASIK?

No. You shouldn’t drive just after LASIK.

Can I drink alcohol after LASIK?

It is better not to drink liquor for a week after the laser eye surgery.

How soon after LASIK can I wear makeup?

It is a better option to wait for a week before wearing makeup.

How can I speed up my LASIK recovery?

The best way to do that is to follow all the instructions given by the surgeon.

What should you not do before LASIK?

There are a number of things that shouldn’t be done before the procedure which your surgeon will tell you.

Can I wear foundation after LASIK?

It is recommended to not wear makeup or anything related to it for at least a week.

What happens if you blink during laser eye surgery?

Surgeons place an eyelid holder to take care of this issue.

How long does laser eye surgery last?

The surgery usually takes less than 30 to 45 minutes.

Can LASIK give you 20 20 Vision?

Yes, in fact, about 90% percent people get 20 20 vision post-surgery.

How long after laser eye surgery can you watch TV?

It is better to wait for at least 24 hours before proceeding to watch TV.

How long after laser eye surgery can you drive?

It varies from person to person. Your vision is examined by the doctor before giving you the go ahead sign.

Is LASIK eye surgery worth it?

If you wish that your life would be better if you don’t have to wear glasses, then it is. However, do consult an expert before deciding.

Is laser treatment good for eyes?

Whether it is good for you or not is something that you should let your doctor or ophthalmologist decide.

Can you go blind from laser eye surgery?

No, it is a certified medical procedure and it safe.

Can LASIK go wrong?

LASIK was approved by the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) in 1999. FDA approval means that it is safe and there isn’t anything that one should unnecessarily worry about going wrong.

Is LASIK Safe in 2021?

Yes, all precautions are taken by well-trained surgeons when it comes to LASIK. Since its inception, the procedure has come a long way and has helped millions of people around the world.

Is laser eye surgery painful?

Surgeons take ample precautions like eye drops and some pain relievers so that the person undergoing surgery doesn’t feel any pain.

Is 55 too old for LASIK eye surgery?

As of now, there is no upper limit in terms of age regarding who can undergo LASIK. However, it is better to consult a related medical professional before making a decision.

Do you need reading glasses after LASIK?

While LASIK may restore 20 20 vision for a vast majority of people, there is a caveat. As you get old and especially in your 40s, you may develop presbyopia and hence, may need correction for that in the form of reading glasses.


So, we hope that you may have found the answers to the questions that you were looking for.

However, we strongly advise you to contact a certified medical practitioner or a well-reputed ophthalmologist before making any conclusions.

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