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LARS Surgery VS Traditional Surgery | Comparing The Two For Clarity

Ligament Artificial Reconstruction System surgery is a popular treatment method for the anterior cruciate ligament. This is a very serious sports injury that’s required LARS surgery. Anterior cruciate ligament injury mostly occurs during sporting activities. The best thing about ACL injury is that it can be constructed using various methods available allowing patients to get back to the house normal activities easily.

It is also important to realize that ACL surgery is effective but the recovery can take a long time. ACL reconstruction is also very popular among young people. This is because they are still young and can recover easily. There are several ACL reconstruction surgeries conducted. The choice of this depends on the extent of the injury. The most popular one is the traditional surgery method and the more advanced LARS surgery method.

In this article, we are going to discuss these two types of ACL reconstruction methods.

Traditional Surgery Methods

The traditional surgery methods were mostly recommended for patients who got symptomatic instability, especially after the ACL injury. Symptomatic instability did not usually occur immediately after the injury and therefore patients had to wait until they can experience this. This is however not the case nowadays because advanced methods of ACL reconstructions have surfaced and having the patience to get the reconstruction immediately after getting the injury.

ACL reconstructions are very useful especially for those people who are in sports and would like to get back to their activities as soon as possible. Several things happen before you can finally get an ACL reconstruction. In this section, we will discuss what to expect before during, and after ACL reconstruction.

What to Expect In ACL Reconstruction Surgery?

The first thing after you have gotten an ACL injury is to discuss with the doctor the various treatment options available for you. They will highlight the risks and the benefits of undertaking this type of surgery.

It is however important to note that the surgery takes about 30 minutes to complete but the recovery can take upwards of 1 year. ACL reconstruction surgery is done under spinal or local anesthesia. An orthopedic will first conduct a physical examination of the injury to determine the right approach to take. Arthroscopy can also be conducted to determine the right treatment approach that will be used with also help in confirming the ACL tear.

The reconstruction aims at replacing the torn ACL with a graft. Hamstring tendons from the patient are the most used graft in repairing ACL. There are other types of grafts used in repairing damaged ACL. Some of these include the quadriceps and patella tendons. These grafts are inserted through the bone tunnel during the reconstruction. They are secured into the bone using screws and undo buttons.

Once the reconstruction is finished the open wound is closed using sutures. The exterior dressing is also done and baggage is used to completely cover the area.

LARS Surgery Method

ACL reconstruction can also be conducted using the LARS surgery method. This method uses synthetic ligaments to repair damaged ACL. The method is very useful for fresh or acute ACL injuries. In ACL reconstruction a patient is required to stay in the hospital after the surgery. They can stay overnight until they can fully become mobile. Crutches are used in this recovery period and with the help of physiotherapists.

LARS reconstruction method is very popular nowadays because it aims at using synthetic ligaments compared to other types of grafts. It is a safe method and suitable for people who require fast recovery.

Benefits of LARS Surgery Methods

This method is widely used nowadays because it is the quickest way to repair damaged ACL it also has several other benefits making it widely preferred compared to traditional methods.

It’s the Quickest ACL Reconstruction Method

The loss surgery method is the quickest way to repair your ACL. It is also suitable for acute add fresh ACL injuries. In the traditional method, you had to wait for symptomatic instability of your knee but with this method, you can get the reconstruction immediately after getting the injury.

The Recovery Period Is Shorter

This method of ACL reconstruction has reduced the recovery time by a third. The damaged ACL ends are sutured together then the synthetic ligaments made from strong industrial polyester fibers are passed through the center of the ACL.

In the traditional method, a patient took about nine to 12 months to return to their normal activity. With the LARS reconstruction method, the recovery time is about 11 weeks.

Less surgical time – LARS reconstruction just shorter times compared to traditional ACL reconstruction methods. The reason behind this is that synthetic ligaments are used compared to getting grafts from other parts of a patient’s body. Graft harvesting takes a lot of time but with this method, it is not necessary and so the surgery will be quicker.

Quicker rehabilitation – The best thing about this reconstruction method is that the rehabilitation is quicker. Weight-bearing is encouraged a few days after the surgery. Return to your normal activities is encouraged after 6 to 12 weeks.

LARS is used in both posterior and anterior cruciate ligaments.

LARS reconstruction ligaments are available in several shapes and sizes and give patients the flexibility to choose the ones that are effective for the kind of activities they engage in.

LARS reconstruction method is a less invasive method compared to other traditional ones. The main aim of this type of reconstruction is to reduce the trauma of other soft tissues of ACL. This will greatly reduce the recovery time.

ACL reconstruction using LARS surgery is very useful and allows people who get this type of injury to get back to their normal activities. There are minimal complications in ACL reconstruction surgery. Some of them include the re-rapture of the ACL, these can be avoided if you follow the correct aftercare instructions and physiotherapy programs as advised. Resting and icing are the most recommended to do after the surgery. You should not resume intense sporting activities immediately to avoid risk and complications.

The advancement of new construction technology has made it easier for people to receive their daily activities easily. To make your decision about reconstruction surgery is important to talk to your doctor, ask any question that you might have so that you can use that information to make the right decision.

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