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How To Become A Surgical Nurse?

Surgical nursing is a big and growing area. As the population proceeds to age, the shortage for skilled surgical nurses is expanding rapidly.

Surgical nursing is a rewarding career for those who have the desire to work with a remarkably different type of surgeon. Nurses with surgical skills are in demand because of changes that have occurred in medicine and surgery. The rapid growth of surgical technology and medical technologies, such as laparoscopy, endoscopic equipment, and arthroscopic equipment has led to new techniques in performing surgery on patients.

There are several ways to become a surgical nurse, including participating in the surgical tech program at a community college. In this article, we’ll discuss the prerequisites for becoming a Surgical Nurse, as well as the career outlook and education requirements.

Who Is A Surgical Nurse?

Who is a surgical nurse? That is a question that has been asked countless times over the years by prospective surgical interns and residents. The answer varies from person to person, but in essence, they are individuals who have a high level of awareness and knowledge regarding the procedures they will be performing as part of their job. This awareness is important not only because it helps them perform their job efficiently but also because they can help each patient who comes into their surgical facility.

What Does A Surgical Nurse Do?

What does a surgical nurse do? A surgical nurse is an advanced level of a healthcare worker who performs a range of functions and tasks commonly performed in hospitals, surgical centers, and other healthcare institutions around the globe. Operating room technicians, respiratory therapists, occupational therapists, and pediatricians are all examples of surgical nurses.

1.     Administering Anesthesia For Surgery

Surgical nurses work in the operating theatre and play a vital role during various surgical procedures. They administer anesthesia and monitors the patient undergoing surgery.

2.     Managing Patients Records

In addition, nurses often manage patients’ records and prepare them for procedures by documenting their history and maintaining their medical records. They often help patients make decisions about treatment options, assist them with their physical therapy requirements, and ensure that they

3.     Helps With Surgical Procedures

The role of the surgical technologist is to assist the surgeon in the surgery process by performing pre-operative surgical procedures, ensure that the patient is ready for surgery, including instruments and tools needed, and maintain sterility during operation.

4.     Works With Surgeons And Other Medical Professionals

Surgical nurses work with surgeons and other medical professionals in health care facilities to make sure patients receive the best possible medical treatment. They often coordinate with operating room (OR) staff, pre-operative personnel, pathology, laboratory services, pharmacology, and radiology, among others.

5.     Prepares Patient For Surgery

The preparation for surgery begins even before the day of the surgery. The surgical nurse ensures that the physician’s instructions are clear, correct, and made known to all staff working with the patient before the surgery.

6.     Sterilize Surgical Equipment

A surgical nurse assists a surgeon during surgery. In addition to assisting, a surgical nurse also sterilizes equipment, gets patients ready for the operation, and generally prepares the room for a surgical procedure.

7.     Prescribe Medications After Surgery

A surgical nurse always prescribes medications to patients. Nurses have been given the right to prescribe medicines from doctors. The nurse gives directions that have been written by a doctor or another healthcare worker who knows more about the patient’s suffers and conditions. In some cases, doctors prescribe medicine based on their examination of a patient.

Skills Requirements For Becoming A Surgical Nurse

To become a surgical nurse, you need to have a general knowledge of the human body. You need to have taken at least one science course in high school and at least two years of biology or physiology in college. You need to be able to read and interpret body movement under general anesthesia.

While there is no specific test or licensing requirement for becoming a surgical nurse, some states require applicants to have performed at least three surgeries while in medical school or have completed a very specific set of training procedures.

  • Basic nursing skills
  • CPR certification
  • Medical terminology
  • BLS certification
  • Expertise in administering anesthesia
  • Proficiency in cleaning and sterilizing surgical instruments
  • Ability to handle emergencies and control bleeding
  • Skill to handle patients
  • Ability to record the necessary information

What Kind of Education You Will Need?

To become a surgical nurse in Australia you will need to have an education or training that covers the basics of surgery including general nursing knowledge and skills, the administration of biosecurity and infection control, and practical experience in your specialty area.

Many educational institutes also offer accredited or self-paced training programs that can help you build your skills faster. However, because general nursing knowledge is such an essential skill for a surgical nurse it is best to find an institute that offers a mix of on-campus and online courses to suit your needs.

To become a surgical nurse in Australia you will need to complete an associate degree in nursing.

An associate degree program includes Biomedical Equipment, Anatomy, Medical-Surgical Nursing, Pharmacology, Physical Assessment, IV Therapy, Pharmacology

A Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree is required to become a registered nurse with the Australian Board of Nursing and Midwifery

How Long Do You Have To Study?    

Typically surgical nurses complete a 2-year program of training followed by an additional year of clinical work. The exact amount of time you must commit to surgical training depends on several factors including but not limited to your age, job responsibilities, and training received. However, there are some strategies you can implement immediately to increase your chances of being admitted into a surgical program.

Being a surgical nurse takes courage and commitment. You need to have passion and interest in surgery, and you need to practice day in and day out. To become a good surgical nurse you should try to study for at least two years before your entrance exam. You may need additional training or examinations after this, depending on your field of study.

What Does a Career as a Surgical Nurse Entail?

A career as a surgical nurse can be a wonderful way to extend your life and learn new skills. But it also carries great responsibility and great rewards. Your work as a surgical nurse will take up a large amount of your time, and while it may seem like a dream job at times, it’s not without some challenges. It is not for everyone. You will need to be willing to learn on your feet and juggle numerous responsibilities with little time to relax and recharge.

Being a surgical nurse is a high-stress job. A lot of difficult decisions and actions have to be taken to achieve the best results. The demands of being in a surgical environment are different from other healthcare professions. It is highly educated and requires extensive training. It requires emotional stability and maturity as well as clinical skills.

Certification and Licensing For Becoming A Surgical Nurse

Being a surgical nurse takes a certain mindset and dedication to accomplish. This is where the right type of certification and licensing comes into play. Being a registered nurse means you are licensed to perform certain types of surgeries under the supervision of a licensed medical professional. You may not realize it but the two main steps in becoming a surgical nurse are becoming a licensed medical professional and acquiring a surgical license from the state level.

The Australian Medical Association (AMA) has developed a process for surgical nurses to obtain provincial certification and for the regional registrar of medical schools to license surgical nurses from other countries. These steps are taken after completion of an accredited training program provided by an accredited college or university.

  • Ensure high school graduation and a 2-year university degree
  • Attend a vocational program
  • Take practice tests and take the certification training
  • Evaluate the job market in your area for surgical nurse positions
  • Seek advice from surgeons and staff members having years of experience
  • Find a job opportunity

Numerous different aspects have to be taken into deliberation prior to becoming a surgical nurse. You must have tangible skills and knowledge so that you can easily step into the role.

The job of a surgical nurse is changing, and it can be a very rewarding career option. It is very reward but you have to contemplate whether the employment is good for you. If you feel like this career path would be beneficial to you, then follow the above simple guidelines to help you become a well-trained and qualified surgical nurse.

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