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How Can Surgeons Stay Focused for Hours?

Surgeons have the rare skill of intense focus. In their careers, they operate for several hours conducting delicate operations.

A liver transplant, for example, requires at least eight hours of standing up in tiring positions. Bathroom and snack breaks are limited, too. Despite these, surgeons can stay concentrated and attentive for long periods at once.

Most of humankind, however, have a short attention span. Ask any student and workers, and they will tell you that they can easily be distracted from what they are doing. Many people even scroll on their phones while watching a lengthy TV show.

But how can surgeons stay focused for hours? How can they operate despite their heavy workload and the distractions that they encounter?

In this article, you will learn surgeons’ strategies to concentrate and focus inside the operating room. You can also apply them in your daily life, whatever your tasks may be.

Removing anything that might distract them

Phones can be a nuisance. They can ring and make sounds that attract attention. Because of this, phones are a big no-no during surgeries.

There are no explicit laws prohibiting phones in the operating room. But surgeons and staff make it a habit to put them in lockers with the aeroplane mode activated. They do not check their phones since this can be a case of malpractice.

When surgeons wear surgical loupes, this magnifies their vision. This limited view helps them put their full attention on what they are seeing.

Listening to a playlist of songs

The operating room may be a stressful place. After all, one can die or lose a long-sought career in this room. But surgeons find ways to make it less daunting and even pleasant.

Hospitals may allow music to be played in the operating room if it is not distracting or loud. Surgeons can listen to songs that relieve them from fatigue and nervousness.

Wearing comfortable surgical clothing

Surgeons wear specific scrubs and uniforms in the operating room. But they can dress up with attires that make them comfortable for many hours. Surgeons also avoid shoes and garments that may distract them.

For example, surgeons wear comfortable clogs and stockings that help them relax while standing for several hours. This way, they can stay concentrated without dealing with muscle pain and discomfort during the procedure.

Staying relaxed

As mentioned earlier, surgeries can be terrifying and tiring. They have the patient’s lives in their hands, yet surgeons must set aside their nerves.

To stay focused, surgeons practice staying calm and firm. They control their thoughts, take deep breaths, and put their all during the surgery.

If sudden problems arise during the operation, surgeons remain composed for the sake of the patient and the surgical team. Like captains of a ship, surgeons lead their colleagues to save the patient.

Remembering how delicate the surgery is

How can teenagers play video games for several hours “without blinking”?

Surgeons may have the same reason. Because they understand what is at stake, their minds are so focused that they lose track of time. Surgery also demands so much care and attention, so surgeons forget how many hours have already passed.

Also, they love what they do—operating and saving lives.

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