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Do Surgeons Listen to Music During Surgery?

Inside a workplace, a worker is expected to be professional, must follow work ethic, and rules that were implemented within the premises. Being professional is necessary within the work premises since it keeps the flow of work or system in a workplace organized. Showcasing unnecessary behavior that disrupts the workplace will change how fellow employees see a person and it will make them seem less unprofessional.

But of course, working does not have to be so uptight and suffocating all the time. An employee could still have a little fun in the workplace along with their fellow employees without having to break the rules or still maintain professionalism within the work establishment.

In this article, we will specifically talk about medical professionals, our surgical experts, to be specific, and what are some other things that they do while performing surgery on a patient, or do they really do something?

Do Surgeons Listen to Music During Surgery?

It is of basic knowledge that performing surgery is one of the most daunting tasks ever since one needs extreme concentration about the operation due to its process which has to undergo a graphic situation of life and death.

However, despite the nerve-wracking graphic surgical process, surgeons can still operate while staying entertained, so, to answer the question about if surgeons do listen to music during surgery, well, yes, they do.

What Kind of Music do Surgeons Listen To?

Now that we have known that surgeons actually listen to music while operating, the next question is, what kind of music genres do they have on their playlist? You would be surprised of how entertaining surgeons inside the operation room can be, I can assure you that.

Research showed that according to Spotify, most surgeons listen to rock genres in the operating room while performing a surgery. Which the most searched artists such as Metallica, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, and the Scorpions’ songs are one of the most searched songs while some surgeons listen to other genres such as a global favourite, pop music which comprise 48% of medical professionals listening to it, next is classical music, with compositions of Mozart which amounts to 43%, then some jazz music to groove to (not so much, though, of course) with 24%, and lastly, some nostalgic R&B with a percentage of 21%.

Why do Surgeons Play Music During Surgery?

It is quite a shock to find out that it is actually common for these medical professionals to also do what most people do on a daily basis within the premises of their work while simultaneously performing a surgical operation on a patient.

There is nothing wrong with it, of course, as long as they perform the surgery without any errors, with so much dexterity, without harming and making the patient’s condition worse for a single mishap.

Listening to music while performing a surgery actually has a reason behind it. It is a known fact that one of the inhibitors for anxiety and stress is listening to music. This is why surgeons apply the information to their practices as well. Some surgeons who were surveyed mentioned that music does help the surgical team relax while performing the surgery. Some surgeons even mentioned that they prefer having a playlist to listen to over having albums of artists in their queue while some surgeons have exposed themselves to have more than 5 playlists just waiting to switch from depending on their mood on that day while performing the surgery. Some of them also listen to some tunes from TV shows.

Remember how some surgeons listen to classical music such as Mozart and Bach? That is because it was proven by research that listening to gentle music helps surgeons focus more and reduce their stress levels while performing surgery and of course, classical music could also calm a patient, down. It was researched that musical pieces of Mozart and Bach can improve a doctor’s work performance up to 11%.

According to research, the performance of surgeons improves while listening to classical music in the operation room which. This is the reason why it is highly encouraged that surgeons must listen to classical music.

Classical music could also benefit the patients because whenever classical music is played in the background during an operation, it is surprising that a patient could stand the operation with lesser amounts of dosages of painkillers.

Another reason why music is played in the background inside an operating room while performing a surgical operation could actually help speed up the process of the procedures and finish up earlier than usual.

Who Gets To Pick the Songs in the Surgical Operation?

Some doctors mentioned that it is not them who get to pick the music to be played but the patients, instead. Doctors let the patients choose the music during surgical operations where they are conscious or awake.

But on times where the patient is unconscious, the surgical team gets to pick a song of their choice but of course, the head of the team will be the first one to pick, which is the surgeon then the rest follows.

However, in critical situations where an emergency takes place, the music will have to be tuned down of course because music could induce more anxiety or stress towards the patient and the surgical team themselves. Especially if the music or song that is being played in the background inside an operating room is extremely upbeat, loud, and full of metallic noises such as metal rock or electric dance music, it could probably worsen a patient’s condition and disrupt the surgical team’s performance.

The Bottomline

Despite the hectic and fast-paced environments of hospitals or medical establishments, it is very heart-warming to think that medical professionals will always try their best to make their patients feel at ease and make them less worried about anything related to negativity brought by their condition.

In general, it is no shock that the power of music could alleviate any negativity in a situation.


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