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Types Of Breast Surgery Decoded

Breast Surgery Types: Introduction

While different types of breast surgery were quite common for medical reasons, the stigma around getting one done for cosmetic reasons has long faded.

And women are getting them done like any other normal surgical procedure.

Different Breast Surgery Types

Mainly, there are two types.

  • For medical reasons
  • For non-medical (aesthetic) reasons

However, a point to be noted here is that there might be conditions where someone might have pain related issue in their breasts and the resulting outcome may also improve the aesthetics.

Types of Breast Surgery Procedures

Medical ReasonsAesthetic Reasons
Non-cancer lump(s) removal sometimes non-cancerous lumps in the breasts may also be required to be removed.Augmentation involves increasing the breast size.
Mastectomy involves the removal of breasts for the prevention from breast cancer.Reconstruction is done after a person gets surgery or surgeries done for breast cancer.
Lumpectomy too involves some portions getting removed as a way of treating cancer.
Table 1.1

Breast reduction shouldn’t be confused with other medical surgeries mentioned above. It is done both for medical and aesthetic reasons.

As the table classification suggests, reduction is something that can be done for both reasons.

Those that are done for cancer and its prevention must be taken seriously and it is in your best interests to follow your surgeon’s advice.


So, we saw the classifications and even went into the subtypes for greater clarity.

Though with the advancement in the medical sciences in future, one might expect that newer and refined forms of surgical procedures may also be introduced.  Also, the types of breast surgery procedures may also increase.


What are breast implants?

Breast implants are made from materials like silicone and are predominantly used in aesthetic surgical procedures when it comes to breasts.

How to find the best breast surgeon?

Make sure that you check their qualification, certification and feedback from past patients on third party websites. Needless to say, their reputation matters too and this can be checked by trying to find what reputed organizations are they a member of.

Are breast surgeries common in Australia?

Yes, they are fairly common and in fact, are the most popular of all cosmetic surgeries. They are roughly 40% of all cosmetic surgical procedures.

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