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Are There Surgeries To Change Your Voice?


Your voice can do what you want it to do, this is what we are trying to say, you can make it look like you are giving a command, you can make your voice sound like you are joking about something, and many other things too.

The way you sound passes a message showing how you feel and where you are coming from too.

Although the words you choose to use are important in the context, the way you sound also matters.

Some people change their voices because they want to go into music or maybe they just want to sound better than they already do.

You can work on changing the way you sound through surgical means or just training your voice.

This article is going to be talking mainly about how to change your voice using surgeries.

Surgical Means To Change Your Voice

There are several surgical processes that can work on lowering and improving the pitch of your voice. Whatever you want to do with your voice, there are surgeries that could help you do it.

Different surgical processes that help you work on changing your voice.

• Surgery For Voice Feminization

This process involves you changing your voice through surgical means so it doesn’t let out a deep sound.

This surgery is often referred to as voice feminization surgery or sometimes called feminization laryngoplasty.

For this surgery, your voice box is compressed so it is smaller than it was before and in addition, your vocal cords are made to be shorter. People who do transgender get themselves involved with surgery like this.

• Laser Vocal Cord Tuning Surgery

This process is done by using a laser to shrink the vocal cords that helps your pitch gets heightened.

This is done mostly by smokers because it also shrinks the polyps for high pitch too.

• Surgery To Lower Your Pitch

This is a process that in its way is able to open up the vocal cords or shuffle the tissue so weight could be added to the vocal cords.

Some Of The Things That Affect Your Voice And Might Make You Want To Change It

These are the things that we regard as the texture of your voice or factors that make up your voice.

• Heredity

This is one factor that has given you the kind of voice you have, most times there are similarities between the voices of family members. You might not like the one you got from your dad or your grandpa, so you change it.

• Gender

A man should not have the voice of a girl, that would be weird. Your voice deepens as you enter into puberty and other stages of life.

As we know today, many people now do transgender, and they switch gender so most times they undergo surgery to work on their voice.

• Hormones

Hormones sometimes affect the way you sound because it is connected to your weight, a fat man with a high-pitched voice doesn’t sound normal to the works so the body works in conjunction with everything.

Is There A Surgery That Could Get You A Deeper Voice?

Yes, there is, it is called thyroplasty and it is a vocal cord surgery that enhances pitch lowering.

This is a procedure done for lowering your pitch as mentioned before and it involves taking out the strip of cartilage from the larynx.

It lets the vocal cords stay released while it provides a lower-pitched voice for you.

Is There Any Risk In Voice Surgery?

There is no surgery carried out without risk, mostly the ones done with anesthesia in your system.

The major risks here are the anesthesia which is involved as it sometimes results to the patient getting a cardiac arrest, some reactions, and hypertension.

Although the chances of anything like this happening are slim and even if it does, there is an emergency unit to take care of that before it escalates.

Do Voice Treatment Stay Permanently?

People who have a high-pitched voice that isn’t stable, do not need surgery to fix it. All you need is a session with your doctor or voice coach to give you a permanent fix.

What Do You Mean When You Say Voice Lift Surgery?

Voice lift is a process that is performed to make your voice sound stronger and even thicker than you want it to. 

This procedure usually brings about a temporary outcome and the ultimate way of doing this is through a process known as voice fold augmentation by inputting a filler.

This process doesn’t require the process to be under strong anesthesia.

Is It Bad To Deepen Your Voice?

We know that sometimes these things come slowly but you have to know that everything in life that you achieve goes through a process.

Trying to force your vocal cords to do some things could result to you having to strain it.

Growling or rasp can spoil your vocal cords and you might end up with the worst voice.

What Is The Success Rate Of Vocal Cords Surgery?

With what we know, this is a little different from voice changing surgery because this surgery only requires an anesthesia that isn’t strong enough to knock you out, after all,  the surgeon would have to talk to the patient as he operates. This is done for there purpose of the doctor being able to get feedback from his patient.

Does Vocal Cord Surgery Cause You Any Pain?

Often times people who perform surgery for voice change or for throat examination are frequently discharged that day. It could be discomforting at first when you get back home, this is normal. It is surgery. Severe pain is hardly the case but if any pain, normal pain killers could sort it out.

Does Voice Feminization Give Anyone A Singing Voice?

The voice feminization high pitch doesn’t guarantee that the patient would have the voice of a goddess after the surgery. You don’t need a female voice to be able to sing, men and women both sing well.

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