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Are There Surgeons That Could Make You Taller?

Yes! One, in particular, is Dr. Kevin Debiparshad, is the major surgeon of the LimbplastX institute in Nevada, Las Vegas, this surgery has been done on more than 30 people since he started in 2018.


Most times when people talk of plastic surgery, the parts of the body that come to mind are places like boobs, the lips, butt, and other parts that are now very common.

Well to your greatest surprise, we are telling you now that enhancing your limbs through surgery Is now something that could be done for those who wish to be six inches and above.

Who Is The Surgeon Behind This?

Presently a world-renowned plastic surgeon named Dr. Kevin Debiparshad that birth the LimbplastX institute in Nevada, the state of Las Vegas.

This Institute was developed by Dr. Kevin to get a business that revolves around Limb-lengthening cosmetic surgery.

Debiparshad said in an interview once that since he started the business, he had been able to work on more than 30 people to help them grow taller.

He also said that people of high background like surgeons, lawyers, and venture capitalists are among his patients.

These are all successful people, some even more successful than he is but they lack confidence because of their height.

He said that for some reason, his patients feel like changing this part of their existence would they would somehow feel like they are complete.

His patients have all come out successful and after the surgery, they would thank him with so many smiles saying that their confidence boost has just been placed.

He said that he has had mostly men to operate on, although he has worked on some women, he hardly saw any woman who would want to increase her height that badly to go through surgery.

The Technology Used To Perform This Surgery Has Been In Existence For A Long Time

This is the part where you get surprised, it has been proven by the journal children’s orthopedics that the procedure and technology used in performing this surgery has been around for a very long time.

They also added that the only new thing here is the concept of using this limb-lengthening surgery for cosmetic issues.

Nowadays, the process has to do with putting in surgical nails and screws into hollow areas of a person’s bone, most times it is put in the legs and continues down with the nails and screws in those places to stretch forever.

This procedure is mostly used on people who just got involved with serious leg injuries from the military, car accidents, and other bad occurrences.

Dr. Debiparshad came out to say that he and Dr. Dror, a doctor he truly admires from West Palm Bridge, Florida we’re the ones that used the concept for cosmetic purposes.

Outside using it for cosmetic and business reasons, Debiparshad is known to be the first surgeon who is so dedicated enough to open a practice that would be just for helping short people grow taller.

The Surgery Payment Goes For Both The Surgery And Physical Therapy

Of course, when a person is seeking to add height and grow taller than he or she usually is, it doesn’t come at a very affordable price.

It doesn’t matter where you go to undergo this surgery, it will not come at a fair price, you are trying to alter nature and it is not a simple procedure.

A doctor would recommend that after the surgery which lasts for only two hours or so, it is mandatory that you go through physical therapy for one month or more if you need it.

This is a very important part of the whole limb enhancing procedure.

What Happens During The Process?

When a patient finally gives in to improve his or her height, he or she goes to the doctor and does all the necessary paperwork, and after that the patient is taken into the operating room on the appointed day and time.

Firstly, the doctor inserts an anesthetic into your body to ensure you sleep for the two hours that the procedure goes on for.

What the surgeon does when the patient is at sleep and he is ready to perform the surgery is to start by breaking your lower leg, thigh bone, or shin area.

This process is done by making an incision that is a half-inch deep in the skin and then puts a small drill that helps to make your very strong bone weak and break to the designated area which it is supposed to.

Let’s bust out some tools, the surgeon starts with bringing a chisel-like tool used mostly for nose jobs. This tool helps penetrate the bone.

After all this, insertion of nails is what he does next so he can fix the part which he had broken before. This is done on the two legs.

Keep in mind that these might not be the only things that go on but these are the basics.

The surgery is done after this part, the patient is now urged to stay in the hospital for at least a night so he or she could be monitored.

By monitoring, we mean taking pain killers if necessary, drugs to reduce the chance of blood clotting, and most importantly, muscle relaxers to help you stay calm.

Additional Help

Every patient gets an IP ad and some instructions for the patient to help Debiparshad keep track.

We are using Debiparshad here because he is the major surgeon we know that he’s involved with this stuff.

The iPad here has a button that has to be pushed once at least every day so that he could receive the signals of what he had implanted to make you grow a millimeter daily.

In 25 days, a person should be able to record an inch of height added to his or her, this is looking promising right?

Well, it is a procedure that works as you trick your body to believe that you are growing.

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