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Why Do Cosmetic Surgeons Earn So Much?

Beauty standards change over time. As well as techniques or hacks when it comes to achieving the beauty standard. Starting from thousands of years ago, ancient people try different items such as tints from fruits to serve as colorant on the cheeks or lips. Some use charcoal in the eyes for eyeliner, while the others use chalk for a base in the face. These cosmetic products change over time and continuously improves especially when it is in accordance for the person’s health. During the Elizabethan era, people used harmful substances such as lead and mercury on their faces in order to achieve a pale face, but these items are no longer used today since it is extremely fatal.

Besides cosmetics that can be applied then removed, or are temporary, some people actually resort to permanent reconstruction or change on their faces. This is called cosmetic surgery or commonly called as plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is pretty common nowadays due to how most people wanted to have something from their faces be reconstructed. While the others only get plastic surgery for other purposes such as fixing a cleft lip or having nose surgery due to trouble in breathing. But the most common plastic surgical operation is to enhance a feature of the patient’s face or have it reduced such as breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, and facial jaw reconstruction.

Cosmetics or plastic surgery is performed by a cosmetic surgeon. Before becoming a legally licensed cosmetic surgeon, these medical professionals were once medical students who trained for many years in order to get knowledge about the complexities of the systems of the body they have to specialize on.

Are Cosmetic Surgeons Rich?

Due to the growing demand of cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery, cosmetic surgeons became one of the most top earners in the field of surgery. With multiple patients left and right, it is guaranteed that cosmetic or plastic surgeons earn a huge sum of money on a daily basis.

So basically, cosmetic or plastic surgeons are indeed one of the richest surgeons. People nowadays want to make changes in their body or their faces due to the changing standards of society. Here are some of the most common cosmetic or plastic surgical operations: How often do people get plastic surgery

For the face reconstruction or aesthetic purposes:

  1. Rhinoplasty: rhinoplasty is also called nose surgery wherein it focuses on reconstructing the shape of the nose of a person. Rhinoplasty either adds depth or size to the nose because of a silicone implant, or rhinoplasty could decrease the size of the nose. For example, it makes it more narrow, make the nose less bulbous, or it could be shaped upward.

Rhinoplasty is not only focused on completely changing the appearance of the person’s nose but it can only just serve as a surgery for a patient who has difficulty in breathing due to any damage or crooked inside the nose of a person.

  • Breast augmentation: this is another popular cosmetic or plastic surgery wherein a person gets to have something changed or done in their breasts. This surgery focuses on increasing the size of the patient’s breasts.
  • Lip Fillers: another common plastic surgical procedure is lip filling. Cosmetic surgeons inject some substances inside a patient’s lip in order to increase the patient’s lip. As they inject the filler inside the lips of the patient, they massage it gently in order to shape the patient’s lips into their desired shape
  • Butt Implants: this type of cosmetic or plastic surgery is also popular due to how some people wanted to achieve that perfect hourglass figure. It could either be silicone implants or other cosmetic or plastic surgeons also inject some sculpting substance in order for them to freely mold the shape that the patient desires.

In accordance to this, implants can also be added inside the patient’s hips in order to fill up their hip dips and for the to fully achieve that hourglass figure.

  • Jaw reconstruction: as for another popular cosmetic or plastic surgery that is commonly done to patients in order to change the face structure. Jaw reconstruction refers to the enhancing of the jaw. For example, a patient might have a face structure without a prominent jawline which is why they resort to having their face reconstructed by a cosmetic surgeon in order to have their jawline enhanced. As for other situations, if a patient has a wider facial structure, they will opt for having some fragments of their jaw shaved from their faces in order to make their face smaller.

Cosmetic or plastic surgery can either be for aesthetic purposes or it could also be fore the purposes of healthy related issues or facial deformation. Some examples for a facial deformation that can be remedied through cosmetic or plastic surgery are cleft lips or cleft ears. Cleft lips and cleft ears are deformations that are made upon the birth of a person and cosmetic or plastic surgery is able to fix these deformations.

Another example of cosmetic or plastic surgery done to a person with health issues is the surgery to the nose. Nose surgery is done to a person not just for the purposes of changing its appearance but for the purposes of making the patient breathe easily. This cosmetic or plastic surgery is done by fixing the nose’s septum because it could have been crooked which makes either left or right of patient’s nostrils, smaller than the other.

How Much Do Cosmetic Surgeons Make?

Since cosmetic and plastic surgery is extremely popular these days, cosmetic surgeons could accumulate a salary for as low as $49,500 or if they are one of the big shots cosmetic surgeons or a plastic surgeon by very influential people such as celebrities, they could earn roughly $250,000. The other cosmetic surgeons also earn about $400,000 which almost amount to what other top earning surgeons make in a year.

In the global ranking, cosmetic surgeons rank in the top 8 list of which type of surgeons are the top earners.


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