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What Do Surgeons Wear?

In every professional field of work, every professional is always wearing their prospective uniforms because it is compulsory and it serves as their recognition for people to let them know that they are doing this type of work or to serve as recognition that they work in that specific type of field in the professional word.

There are many professional fields that require some kind of uniform to be worn in the workplace such as in a corporate company, most employees are expected to wear suits, blazers, and blouses. In a school, employees, the teachers, are expected to wear their respected uniforms as well as students, too. At a very young age, children are expected to comply with the school’s dress code which is why they wear their uniform. These uniforms will also serve as every kid or every student’s identification in order to be recognized that they are students.

But among all other professional fields of work, there is a specific professional field that can be recognizable if a person is wearing just one item of clothing. It is already obvious because they stood out the most if they are spotted in public.

These said professionals are the medical practitioners of professionals who work in the medical field of professional work. These medical professionals are nurses, dentists, doctors, and other medical professionals.

These medical professionals usually wear white coats or lab coats with their names that are embroidered to the coat. Some of them wear their other uniform which is the color blue scrubs. Those who wear these kinds of secondary uniforms are the nurses, dentists, and doctors. This type of uniform is usually paired with white sneakers or shoes.

The medical field wears these types of clothes because the color white and blue symbolizes purity and cleanliness. It is of basic knowledge that the medical field and the professionals who work under the field have the responsibility to serve every person who is in need of their medical assistance and the medical field professionals will comply to that and give every person the best and the highest quality of healthcare services, assistance, and aid. Along with these acts of services to every person, cleanliness must be applied to as well in order to ensure that every person who receives these kinds of services is safe and healthy. Cleanliness, after all, is associated with great health and high quality.

But to be specific with this article, we will only be covering one of the medical professionals in the medical field. This type of medical practitioner in the medical field is a highly respected professional due to the workload they have to do on a daily basis and the weight of their responsibility which is saving a person’s life through giving them a surgical treatment.

Just a brief background of this said medical professional, before becoming surgeons, they were once students who went to have undergraduate studies of their chosen medical course in order to get a bachelor’s degree in science. This usually take 4 years of college, for the first two years, they will undergo mostly some lectures and some work are activities in the laboratory for practicing. Then in the following last two years, these undergraduate students will try clerkship or basically working in a hospital. The type of work that an undergraduate going through clerkship is usually managing paperwork then once they are done with this, they can finally get their bachelor’s degree in science.

Next in their medical training or education before becoming the specialized and respected medical professionals that most people know of today, they have to undergo another set of years for training in order to gain experience in the field or specialty they have to pursue. This usually takes about 6 years or even more than that due to the variations of different specialties. The number of years for training can differ from one specialty to another.

In this kind of training, they will be recognized as doctors in training or residents. They have the responsibility in a workplace they decided to train in to help other medical staffs or their fellow surgeons, the seniors, and superiors in order to be taught by them and get more knowledge regarding the type of work they must do once they become the medical professional they wish to become.

Once this training marks almost a decade of training and education in the medical field, they could finally take an exam in order to become a certified licensed doctor or in this case, a certified licensed surgeon. Once they attain their medical license, these former doctors in training could finally start practicing their specialty in the public sector or a private sector.

Now that you have a brief background about surgeons, we can finally discuss what these surgeons wear in their workplace or when they are on duty.

Primary Uniforms of Surgeons

Scrubs are what surgeons and other professionals who are situated or assigned to operate in operation rooms primarily wear.

Scrubs are v-neck shirts and come along with this top are very loose-fitting bottoms and seeing these uniforms worn by people most of us will automatically know that they are surgeons. Even in popular series such as The Good Doctor and Grey’s Anatomy, they can easily be distinguishable.

The reason why this uniform is called scrubs is that it was derived from the phrase “scrubbing in” in which every surgeon or medical professional comes into the operating room to perform a surgical operation. They must sterilize themselves first or clean themselves in order to get rid of any bacteria that are latched to their bodies or arms and this will prevent the risk of worsening a patient’s condition in the operating room since they are sensitive to it and are highly exposed to pathogens.

Scrub uniforms are made up of material that harmful microorganisms could not seep through or hide. These types of uniforms also protect the wearers, surgeons, or doctors from harmful bacterias such as the bodily fluids of a patient or any other people that might infect them.


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