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Surgeons Who Won Nobel Prize

Every person who has contributed great knowledge or discoveries in any field such as medicine, physics, mathematics, literature, implementing peace for the world, and physics and will benefit the global population deserves to be acknowledged for their contributions.

They are acknowledged through awarding them one of the most prestigious awards in the world such as the following:

  • Nobel Prize. Awarded to people who have contributed great works in the field of science, mathematics, literature, and society.
  • The Booker Prize. The Booker Prize is one of the most prestigious awards in Britain and it is awarded to authors with an outstanding novel that was published in the last 12 months.
  • The BAFTA Awards. This prestigious award is awarded by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) and it is like the Emmys in the U.K.
  • The Academy Awards. This is America’s most well-known award and it is in the line of cinema. This is also called the Oscars.
  • The Palme d’Or. This award is given to film directors for their excellent films and the awarding ceremony of this award takes place in Cannes.
  • The Pulitzer Prize. The Pulitzer Prize is an American award, given to outstanding journalists, authors, and musicians.
  • The Golden Globes. The Golden Globes is somewhat similar to The Academy Awards because this award acknowledges actors, film directors, and their films as well. However, The Golden Globes is more of a fun and party-type award compared to its formal sister award.
  • The Brit Awards. This prestigious award is handed out to artists in honor of the production of popular music.
  • The Grammys. The Grammys is one of the most popular and sought awards on live television since every person is waiting for their favorite artists to be announced. This award is handed out to notable musicians in genres of pop, rock, classical, jazz, and other popular genres of music categories.
  • The MTV Video Music Awards. Lastly, this prestigious award is handed to musicians or artists with the best music videos in different genres of music. Fun fact: Madonna won the most VMAs with an amount of 69 nominations and has won 19 VMAs

In this article, you will get to know surgeons who had contributed their expertise, knowledge, and skills in the medical field which made them eligible for having a Nobel Prize, which is considered as one of the highest awards and being recognized as Nobel Prize winner in the field of medicine is the highest recognition.

  1. Emil Theodor Kocher. First on the list of the surgeons who won the Nobel Prize is a Swiss surgeon, Emil Theodor Kocher. In the surgical field, he has contributed his knowledge about operating on hernias, when an organ protrudes from its cavity. Kocher also contributed to the concept of abdominal surgeries, as well as the reparation of fractured bones or orthopedics.

In 1909, Theodor Kocher received his first Nobel Prize due to his contributions in pathophysiology or the study of diseases in a specific part of the body, physiology, the study of the functions of every part in the body, and a surgical operation on the thyroid gland. Due to his contributions, thyroid surgery is being performed on people. It has a 40% mortality rate but with the help of Billroth who worked alongside Kocher, they improved the surgery and the mortality rate has decreased to 13%.

  1. Alexis Carrel. Next on this list is a French surgeon named Alexis Carrel. He offered his services as a Major of the French Army Medical Corps and he contributed his method called the Dakin method in treating soldiers’ wounds from war.

His prized contribution that won him the prestigious Nobel Award was his suturing technique in the vascular tissues or the process of sewing the blood vessels of a person together. He also discovered blood vessels and organ transplant.

This technique is widely used in modern medicine since the suturing of blood vessels help in the continuation or restoration of blood flow from the once damaged vein.

  1. Antonio Egas Moniz. Antonio Egas Moniz was a Portuguese surgeon who was also recognized as an eligible awardee of the Nobel Prize winner for his discovery regarding leucotomy, the surgical process of cutting some white nerve fibers from the brain for therapeutical purposes, and to treat mental illnesses.

He was the first person to discover nervous system imaging or also known as cerebral angiography, which is the process of imaging or visualizing the inner workings of the blood vessels in the brain. Brain imaging also helps in discovering the physiology of every nerve system and any possibilities of a disease, condition, or illness to occur within the cranial nerves.

Due to his pioneering discoveries about observing the internal environment of the nervous system, with progressive improvement of the original discoveries with the help of advanced technology, mental illnesses can now be diagnosed in modern times through the usage of a CT scan or Computed tomography.

  1. Joseph E. Murray. Last on this list of surgeons who won the Nobel Prize for their notable discoveries and knowledge for the field of surgery is American surgeon, John E. Murray, who was born in Milford, Massachusetts. He attended Harvard Medical School to pursue his dream of becoming a surgeon.

He was interested in histology as well as organ transplantation. He was also assigned as the First Lieutenant during his experience in the military at the Valley Forge General Hospital back in Pennsylvania.

Joseph E. Murray was awarded the Nobel Prize due to his contributions in the field of surgery which is the process of transplanting an organ. He was also the first surgeon to perform human kidney transplantation and it was operated on identical twins.

The American surgeon also shared his win of the Nobel Prize with an American physician named, Edward Donnall Thomas, who had his interests in the transplantation process of organs, specifically about transplanting bone marrow to a patient for the purposes of treating leukemia.


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