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Laser Eye Surgery Vs Glasses | Making Sense Of Their Differences

People suffer from various eye problems some of these include short-sightedness or long-sightedness. Several other eye problems might require surgery. There are several forms of eye surgery available. The type of eye surgery that your dentist use depends on the kind of eye problem that you have.

There are other solutions to legalize problems such as wearing contact lenses or glasses. Depending on the nature of your eye problems, glasses can provide a good solution to long-sightedness and short-sightedness.

This article will give an in-depth comparison between laser eye surgery and glasses. With this information, it will be easy for you to choose the right one for your specific situation. You should never live with eye problems when there are solutions available. Read on to learn more.


Glasses place a critical role in improving our visions. If you have a problem seeing objects which are close or far then glasses are a simple solution to this problem. It has been observed that the majority of eye problems are a result of poor light focus on the retina.

Glasses improve this condition by facilitating a good focus of the light. This allows you to see and process images in the right way. Depending on the type of the condition you are suffering from you will have to get a specific glass that rectifies that particular problem. Glasses rectify several problems these include;

Myopia – This is also referred to as nearsightedness. With this condition, it is easier for you to see objects that are close to your eyes while those far away appear to be blurry and out of focus. This condition requires a glass with concave lenses.

Astigmatism – This is a condition whereby you have blurred vision and it is a result of the shape of the cornea. To correct this problem a cylindrically shaped lens is used in the glasses.

Hyperopia – This condition is also known as farsightedness. When you have hyperopia you tend to see things that are far away while those which are closer to you seem to be distorted and blurry. Convex lens glasses are used to correct farsightedness.

Presbyopia – The eye problem is most common in aged people whereby their eyes tend to lose focus on objects which are close to their eyes. Multifocal lenses are used to correct this condition.

The type of glasses that you are going to get depends on the results of your eye examinations. Your healthcare provider will discuss with you the best glasses that will be fit for your specific condition. They will therefore have to conduct tests before you can start wearing glasses.

The Benefits Of Glasses

Classes are a great way of correcting various vision problems that most people suffer from. Some of its benefits include;

Improving Your Vision

This is one of the main benefits of wearing glasses. For you to go about your day-to-day activities it is always important to have good eyesight and proper vision. Getting glasses will help you improve your vision.

Protect Your Eyes From UV Rays

When your eyes get exposed to excessive UV rays especially during sunny days they might get damaged and develop problems.

Protect Us From External Damage

Wearing glasses Shields your eyes from external damage such as dust and other objects. This helps you to keep working on your day-to-day activities without any problems.

Laser Eye Surgery

There are several instances where people might require a permanent solution to their eye problems. Unlike glasses, laser eye surgery offers a permanent solution. Not all people are comfortable wearing glasses and therefore they opt for laser eye surgery.

This section will discuss laser eye surgery as a permanent solution to various eye problems.

Laser eye surgery is a kind of eye surgery that aims at changing the cornea’s shape. When the shape of the cornea is changed some problems such as myopia farsightedness and Astigmatism will be rectified.

For you to have a clear vision your eyes’ lenses and cornea must refract light in the right way. When this happens the object will be reflected on the retina and from there they get processed by your brain.

In laser eye surgery, and ultraviolet rays are used to remove a thin layer of tissue from the eye’s cornea. This changes the shape of your cornea and allowing the light to be reflected to the retina properly. Laser eye surgery causes the cornea to be thinner and hence function like before.

The best thing about laser eye surgery is that it is a simple procedure that is mostly performed as an outpatient service. It takes about 10 to 20 minutes allowing you to restore your vision in the shortest time possible.

Preparation of the surgery is critical because the changes done to the cornea are permanent and can never be reverted. Therefore, your eye doctor will first calculate the amount of cornea tissue to be removed beforehand. This calculation will be based on several factors such as.

  • Your cornea’s shape
  • The results from wavefront tests
  • Contact lenses or glasses prescription

Benefits Of Laser Eye Surgery

Laser eye surgery is a modern surgery offering long-term solutions to the common eye problems facing people. Its advantages include;

Permanent vision correction – Unlike other vision correction options such as contact lenses or glasses, laser eye surgery offers a more permanent solution. Therefore, you don’t have to struggle with any eye problems, get laser eye surgery today.

This surgery reduces dependence on glasses and lenses – When you get his surgery you do not have to rely on glasses and contact lenses to see.

It is a painless surgery – Laser eye surgery is a painless procedure that is very profound compared to other types of eye surgeries.

Is a flexible surgery – The best thing about laser eye surgery is that it can be conducted more than once in life to further improve your vision.

Both glasses and laser eye surgery are very important in correcting vision problems. The choice of this depends on your specific situation. It is important to seek medical advice on the best vision correction option that will serve you best.

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