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How To Deal With Rude Surgeons?

Being a surgeon is a very demanding career. Surgeons spend most of their time in the operating theatre. This can make them stressed and depressed due to wearing out. When this happens they can become cranky and can be rude to patients.

We encounter such surgeons and doctors in every aspect of our lives. The best thing to do is to learn how to deal with them because there is less you can do to change how they are. In this article, we are going to show you how you’re going to deal with a rude surgeon. This was not only applied to surgeons but to other medical professionals such as doctors, nurses, and therapists.

Why Are Some Surgeons Rude?

Not all surgeons are rude some are very good and they act according to the set code of conduct. There are still some elements that behave differently from others. It is against the code of conduct to be rude to patients especially if you are a surgeon. Surgeons play a critical role in conducting various types of surgery that save lives. They should therefore be caring compassionate and loving to their patients rather than being rude.

The main reasons why some surgeons are rude include;

Stress and Depression

It is not easy to be responsible for someone else’s life. This might be too much to take in for some surgeons and this can lead them to fall into depression or stress. When this happens they’re going to be cranky and rude to their patients. When someone is stressed they are easily evoked. The same case applies to surgeons and doctors.

Too Much Expectation From Patients

Surgeons are responsible for conducting various types of surgery and patients have a very high expectation from them. Most people tend to believe that surgeons will not make mistakes and their operation should be very successful. This pressure is too much for some of them and it can lead to them being rude.

Work Environment

The environment we are working on determines how they behave. If they have some sort of stress and a poor working environment, it can contribute to them being rude. They might also not be on good terms with their fellow doctors and surgeons this can harm their communication skills.

These are some of the main reasons why surgeons are rude. It can be very difficult for you to rectify the situation but you can learn how to deal with them.

They Are Always Like That Since Childhood

It is very difficult to change someone’s personality especially if they were brought up the way they are. There’s nothing you can do about it and you have to accept the fact that they are rude and nothing is going to change them anytime soon. Some surgeons were brought up in difficult families and which makes them develop rudeness.

Guide to Dealing With A Rude Surgeon

It has been observed that the best way to deal with a rude doctor or a surgeon is to remain calm, be respectful, and don’t fight back. If you try to use another approach then it was going to make matters worse. You should note that rude surgeons tend to have higher rates of complications and you don’t want that for your case. Therefore, follow the following tips to help you relate well with your surgeon;

Be calm – Remaining calm during a conversation is the best way to deal with a rude surgeon. The surgeon will ask you questions, take a deep breath, and no matter how rude they are remember to remain calm.

Be reasonable – The best thing to do is to be reasonable and you don’t take anything they say to you personally. You should understand that they go through a lot of stress and therefore don’t make it personal.

Explain yourself – Most surgeons become rude when their patients don’t clearly explain themselves the way they would like. Make sure that you clearly explain yourself to your surgeon. 

Explain everything honestly – Being honest is very important especially when you’re dealing with a doctor or a surgeon.

Tell them that they hurt you – Likely, your surgeon does not know that their behavior is hurting others. You can take this chance to tell them and they might improve especially if they weren’t aware that you are hurting others.

Report them – If all the above does not work the only option that you’re left with is to report them to the higher authorities. This does not guarantee that action will be taken against them because most of the patient’s complaints aren’t considered. This will give you peace of mind and make you feel relieved.

These are some of the few things to prevent things from escalating. You should be respectful because some surgeons have reported that some of the causes of their rudeness are a result of their rude patients. If all the above feels you need to accept that rude surgeon there and you just have to know how to deal with them.

Some Surgeons Are Also Rude To Their Co-workers

Surgeons also show rudeness to people they work together with such as physicians, doctors, nurses, and other health practitioners. This can make it very difficult for them to contact the surgery effectively. They also make life hard for nurses and surgical assistants. If you happen to be working with a rude surgeon, it is always important for you to report them to the seniors or even shift positions or relocate to another hospital.

You should be working in a safe and conducive environment to effectively deliver your services to the patients. Disrespectful surgeons are a bad image to the medical industry and therefore measures should be taken to ensure that everyone is respectful to one another for the proper service delivery.

It is clear that in this life you will going to meet some rude individuals. In most cases, you might not be able to change them and make them better persons. However, there is something that you can do to make sure that you are not affected by their rudeness. This article has highlighted some of the things that you can do to deal with rude surgeons which can also apply to any other rude person.

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