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How Many Types of Surgeons Are There?

It is of full certainty that in the multiple fields of industries, professionals who work there are not only categorized to a single role in order to execute and provide the best services to different clients. One role, responsibility, or specialty does not suffice especially if it is an extremely hectic and cutthroat field. Multiple clients have different needs and consulting only a professional who works for a general could not guarantee a satisfactory service. This is why in the professional field, there are multiple types of professional with specific roles in order to invest their knowledge to the clients who need them and to give them a detailed service.

A great example of this is in the medical field. It is of basic knowledge that there are multiple types of medical practitioners who are in demand for so many years. Even as kids we dreamt of becoming doctors, dentists, nurses, and veterinarians. The reason why there are multiple types of medical practitioners, is because every person has different needs with regards to their health. An example scenario for it is when a person is need of having their tooth extracted, but they could not really consult a nurse for it since anything dental is not a nurse’s job, which is a patient must consult a dentist for it because they are specifically responsible for a person’s dental health.

To further narrow down this discussion, this article will discuss about a specific type of medical practitioner which is the surgeon. We all know that surgeons are responsible for performing surgical operations on patients if they are in a critical condition. A surgeon’s responsibility is to operate on the internal system of a patient in order to treat any disease or malfunction that a patient is undergoing.

Surgeons are capable of operating on any part of the patient’s body. But there is such a term called, “specialty” in which refers to having a certain type of expertise. This is the reason why there are different types of surgeons who perform different types of expertise.

These said different types of surgeons had to undergo several years of training and education before they become legally licensed surgeons in accordance to the kind of specialty they wished to pursue. In addition to this, the number of years in each training range differently from each other due to the different levels of difficulty each specialty has.

What Are the Different Types of Surgeons?

All in all, there are 20 different types of surgeons and this segment will discuss each and every single one of them.

  1. General Surgeon
    This is the most common and most popular type of surgeon. This type of surgeon had been trained to have all the basic knowledge regarding every system of the body so that they could be available to operate on different types of a person’s internal system.
  2. Cardiothoracic Surgeon
    This type of surgeon is also called as cardiovascular surgeon or cardiac surgeons. This type of surgeon is responsible for operating specifically on the patient’s circulatory system, esophagus, lungs, and other body parts that are proximal to the thoracic area.
  3. Neurosurgeon
    This next type of surgeon is responsible for operating on a person’s nervous system. This type of surgeon has one of the hardest responsibilities due to how complex the nervous system is which is why this specialty has one of the longest years of studying. The main organs that are being operated by neurosurgeons are the brain and the spine.
  4. Oral and maxillofacial surgeon
    This type of surgeon focuses on operating on a patient’s mouth and jaw. This type of surgeon is somewhat similar to a dentist, however this type of surgeon operates on a more complex level unlike dentists.
  5. Obstetrician gynecologist surgeon
    For the next type of surgeon, obstetrician gynecologist surgeon operates and specializes on the female patient’s reproductive system. They could also assist in patients who are giving birth.
  6. Otolaryngology surgeon
    This type of surgeon focuses on treating an operating a patient’s larynx, mouth, nose, and sinuses.
  7. Ophthalmic surgeon
    Ophthalmic surgeons are types of surgeons who operate on a patient’s eyes to treat glaucoma, cataracts, repairing retinas, and performing laser surgery.
  8. Oculoplastic surgeon
    Oculoplastic surgeons focus on the cosmetic field when it comes to operating the eyes of a patient. An example of surgery that they do is to reconstruct the shape of the eyes.
  9. Pediatric surgeon
    This next type of surgeon focuses on performing surgical operations on younger patients such as toddlers and infants.
  10. Plastic surgeon
    This type of surgeon focuses on the cosmetic and aesthetic reconstruction of a patient’s face. Their services are one of the most commonly sought for since a huge amount of people want to undergo facial reconstruction such as rhinoplasty.
  11. Colon and rectal surgeon
    This type of surgeon operates on the patient’s colon and rectum in order to remove any cancerous tissue and fix the function of bowel movement.
  12. Orthopedic surgeon
    This type of surgeon is responsible for performing surgical operation on the musculoskeletal system of a patient in order to fix any dislocation or fractures and other bone-related injuries or illnesses.
  13. Trauma surgeon
    This type of surgeon is responsible for more intense surgeries such as emergencies. This type of surgeon has a heavy responsibility due to how their patient’s life lies on a balance.
  14. Urological surgeon
    This type of surgeon is responsible for operating on a patient’s urinary system. So basically, they operate on the urinary bladder, kidneys, prostate, and prostate glands of a patients.
  15. Vascular surgeon
    Vascular surgeons are responsible for the operations on a patient’s vascular system; the veins and the arteries. They are responsible for trying to remove any blockage in the arteries, or fixed any impaired veins to get the flowing system go back to normal.
  16. Bariatric surgeon
    This is one of the underrated surgeons. This type of surgeon is responsible for operating on obese patients. They perform gastric bypass, and other surgeries linked to reducing the excess fat of a patient.
  17. Podiatric surgeon
    This type of surgeon is responsible for treating a patient’s ankles if they have any inflammations or bunions.
  18. Orthopedic surgeon
    Although this type of surgeon had already mentioned in the previous item, there is such a surgeon that operates specifically on a patient’s bones in the hands due to how complex the structure of the hands is.
  19. Transplant surgeon
    This type of surgeon works alongside with other surgeons. Transplant surgeon handles one of the most complicated operations due to how complex organ transplantation is.
  20. Endocrine surgeon
    The last type of surgeon is responsible for treating endocrine system of a patient.




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