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Do Surgeons Have Offices?

Hospitals are filled with various types of healthcare workers. However, not all of them have their own offices. Some staff members like nurses only have a nurses station they all report to. Other practitioners like general doctors, diagnosticians, and surgeons tend to have their own personal workspaces.

But anyone who has ever visited a hospital or medical facility has been met with a sterile environment with bright and harsh fluorescent lighting. White tiled flooring welcomes visitors from the main entrance, waiting areas, the halls, offices, operating theaters, and patient’s rooms. Everywhere you turn, hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities exude a straightforward and generic environment common in this industry.

There are reasons why hospitals are designed the way they are. For the most part, the design and use of similar surfaces makes sanitation easier to do. And we all know how important a clean working environment is in a hospital. However, the all-white appearance does nothing to comfort a patient or their loved ones. Aside from the instruments, there are posters providing healthcare warnings and info. Nothing about a hospital is considered to be welcoming. Of course, if you are a physician, this can be changed since doctors are allowed to spruce up their offices. 

A surgeon’s work environment

Rarely do we stop to think about where a surgeon goes before or after working in an operating room. These medical experts actually spend their time between operating theaters and their own offices. A surgeon’s office can be located within the hospital, a surgical facility, or even one that is off-site.

In some instances, physicians are asked to share an office space with other colleagues. When not in the operating theaters, surgeons tend to spend a lot of time sitting for long periods of time in order to extensively assess possible treatments and recommendations for their patients. Spending time in the office would also mean working on computers researching data and maintaining medical records.

Medical practitioners sharing offices need to learn how to communicate best with personnel and administrators to ensure that the spaces are up to standards. Other than spending time in their offices, surgeons are of course found in operating rooms where they can be seen standing for long hours.

Surgery theaters are designed for anything else besides operations. Thus, these rooms are designed to cater to an environment that is fast-paced and where people can perform at the same time – separate tasks related to the procedure. Operating rooms are well lit and spacious in order to accommodate the patient, medical staff, and the necessary equipment and supplies. It cannot be stressed how crucial it is for the operating room to be kept sterile and organized for the safety of all those using the space.

The importance of surgeons having a personal office space

Surgical work is complex and crucial. Thus, like other physicians, surgeons need an office space they can do their desk work and research in. It may not appear initially important, but there are countless benefits to having an office space to work in especially when you are a doctor.

Just like everybody else, having a designated workspace allows surgeons to be more productive. Rather than searching for a quiet place to do some research or make private phone calls, having a personal office reduces the time wasted looking for an area where they can do all their business in peace.

More importantly, having a personal office allows surgeons to consult with other physicians and patients without being interrupted and without having to worry about confidential matters being divulged to the wrong people.

The same goes for medical files that need to be organized and kept away from prying eyes. Having books, data and other personal effects within a secure space let a surgeon take on work without worrying about these matters.

How to make an office space conducive for working

Hospitals have been notorious for being an absurdly sterile environment. Nothing about medical facilities is comforting especially for a person who is worried about their health or the health of a loved one. It is therefore crucial for a physician’s office to be welcoming and comfortable for those who visit it.

While a surgeon cannot just conduct major renovations on their offices, they are allowed to decorate them in a manner that allows the owner of the room to work in a productive and efficient way. This means having the necessary equipment on hand such as an up-to-date computer system, reliable internet service, scanners, printers, etc.

Having all these devices limits the need for surgeons to go beyond their room to look for the equipment. It cuts down on the time spent doing mundane tasks so they can focus on more pressing functions.

Creating an office with a well-designed floor plan ensures that work can be done more efficiently and effectively. But in designing a space that lets work flow easily, the right furniture pieces can be helpful. This could include sourcing for the right work desk and ergonomic chair. Since a lot of research and study is done seated for long hours, getting the right furniture stops a person from experiencing back pains and similar conditions.

Additionally, a well thought out office space can provide comfort to worried patient and their families. Ensuring a room is designed comfortably can help ease the mind and even the fears a patient may have with regards to their health and to an upcoming surgery. To do this, a surgeon’s office should have a good balance of providing visitors with the right medical information that answers all their questions, and at the same time alleviate any anxieties that are being felt.

An office that is non threatening, with good quality furniture, a clutter free and airy space is comforting and relaxing to all those who enter and stay in it. To soften the atmosphere, the inclusion of personal effects such as certifications, awards, commendations, and even photos can make a surgeon’s office inviting.

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