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Do Surgeons Have Free Time?

Some jobs tend to have longer working hours than others. Aside from actively going on overtime, there are just some professions that tend to go on beyond the usual 8 hours. Some examples of these are law enforcement, government officials, firefighters, soldiers, doctors, and ofcourse surgeons.

Because of the long hours spent at work, lots of physicians miss out on many day-to-day activities and even milestones in the lives of people they love. More importantly, nonstop work can take a toll on a doctor even if they follow a strict diet or exercise regularly. Ultimately, it is crucial for every person including surgeons to take a break in order to rest, relax, and recharge.

Like any individual, healthcare workers are allotted free time. This can take the form of a day off from work or some time to go on a holiday. Although surgeons tend to work anywhere from  50-60 hours each week, there are instances when these hours could stretch out longer depending on the procedure they are taking on. That said, surgeons have free time mainly to do the most basic of daily tasks such as eating, personal hygiene, and sleeping. But because the little free time they have daily is insufficient, doctors must make an effort to take time off when they can.

With so many things going on at their place of work, oftentimes, going on a break is the last thing on the minds of surgeons. The truth of the matter is, regardless of the job a person holds, taking breaks has many benefits.

Why do surgeons need to take advantage of their free time?

Numerous surgical procedures can last for hours at a time. During these moments, surgeons as well as the other medical staff end up missing out on sustenance and rest. This is just part and parcel of the work lives of many medical professionals, thus it is vital for each one to take advantage of their free time. When they do jump on the opportunity to rest, they benefit through the following ways:

Mental clarity

You can push your mind and body to keep working for days on end, but sooner or later something is bound to push back. And this something is likely going to be the human brain. When this happens thoughts become muddy, a decrease in creativity will be experienced, and a person will find it more difficult to cope with mounting stress. A lack of ample rest will result in the brain feeling countless side effects over time. The good news is, a single day of rest can already do wonders to a person’s mental health and clarity.

Enhanced productivity

Feeling burnt out at work is not uncommon. A large percentage of the human population will feel work fatigue at one time or another. Once work fatigue sets in, even the most straightforward of tastes can become challenging. Burnouts generally result in our passions dulling, and a drive to function better is lost. There are times when something as simple as getting up and stretching or stepping away from the desk to take a quick walk can immediately make a person feel refreshed. Imagine what a few days or a week away can then do in rejuvenating an otherwise overworked surgeon.

Create better balance

Maintaining a balanced and positive work-life situation can be very difficult to achieve even when presented with the best circumstances. It is even more taxing for individuals such as healthcare workers who are chronically overly fatigued at work – eventually, it is possible for the person to lose their sense of self. The presence of personal interests and hobbies can fall to the sidelines as an individual tries to focus more of their energy on their career. Spending time away from work can allow a surgeon to reinvigorate and recover lackluster joy and at the same time rediscover what life used to be before getting caught up with a busy schedule.

Refined focus

Going through the same routine on a daily basis can wear any person out even though they love their job a lot. Ensuring some time away permits physicians, including surgeons a chance to adapt and center goals in order to see things from a fresh point of view. A quick breather away from the bustling work environment can help generate much-needed focus and lust for his or her profession.

Foster better relationships

Many connections tend to bear the brunt of an extremely immersive career. Since surgeons log in many long hours in an operating theater or at their desks, people outside their work environment can start forsaking others in their life. Going on a holiday break, even if it may be a short one, allows a surgeon to detach from their job to be able to spend some quality time with those they love.

Some tips for effectively using up free time

Not everybody has the luxury to take weeks at a time to jet off to some remote island destination. It is ideal for someone with a hectic life to take a two-week getaway but certain factors can get in the way of this from coming to fruition. Things such as an extensive workload, budget constraints, as well as other factors can make the attempt to enjoy any free time difficult.

Creativity can then come into play. Instead of getting spirited away to Fiji or Bali, consider looking into alternatives that are closer to home. A resort stay that’s an hour or two away can do the job. Mini vacations like a day at the spa or an afternoon at home poolside with a favorite beverage may sound extremely simple but have proven to be effective to many surgeons and healthcare practitioners who are looking for a quick break. Getting enough sleep on days off is essential for a person who is feeling stressed out. When possible, use sick days to take a mental health break. Doing so helps a person’s mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. Taking some time off can help a surgeon, general doctor, and healthcare professional regain their much-needed balance, in turn, this makes them a more productive employee in the long run.

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