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5 Best Hair Transplant Surgeons in Adelaide

This article will introduce you to the five best hair transplant surgeons in the beautiful city of Adelaide. 

As the capital of South Australia, Adelaide is the site of the country’s leading banks, governmental organizations, and cultural centres. It is also one of the most satisfactory cities worldwide for its high living quality, leisure opportunities, festivals, parks, and religious diversity. 

Tourists in Adelaide also enjoy the city’s sports arena, zoo, and botanic garden. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, over three million tourists visited the city to enjoy its scenes, monuments, and significant sites.

These features make Adelaide attractive to brilliant doctors and surgeons who choose to live and practice there. Because of this, you will meet hair transplant surgeons in Adelaide who can treat your scalp and baldness issues. If you are an Adelaidean with these issues, this listicle is for you. Here, we will show you the five best surgeons in the city in this specialization.

  1. Advanced Hair Clinic

Advanced Hair Clinic offers its clients self-developed and patented procedures that have achieved 100% success, established in over 65 studios worldwide. Many celebrities like Shane Wayne, Graham Gooch, Austin Healey and Greg Matthews willingly attest to that and endorse them enthusiastically.

For 40 years, the Advanced Hair Clinic has offered a wide range of advanced and up to date hair restoration techniques and procedures. Their approach depends on the severity of hair loss, time availability, and financial status. These factors can get discussed during the free consultation they are offering. These treatments and procedures are as follows: Advanced Follicle Direct, Hairfusion, Laser Hair Growth Treatment, Strand By Strand Hairgraft, Advanced Singular Hair Grafting (The Real Thing), Hair Thickening Fibres Treatment, Advanced Hair Check, Strand by Strand Blitz and Hair and Scalp Fitness Range.

Address: 1st Floor/161 Ward St, North Adelaide SA 5006, Australia

Phone number: +61 1300 238 262

Website: https://www.advancedhair.com.au/

  1. Advanced Cosmetic Medicine

Dr Rahma Targett is the principal cosmetic physician of Advanced Cosmetic Medicine. With 20 years of experience as a Medical Practitioner and registered specialist, she has achieved many qualifications such as a Diploma in Dermatoscopy, a Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine with the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, the Fellowship of the Australian College of General Practitioners. She is also a member of prestigious affiliations such as the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, Cosmetic Physician College of Australasia, Civil Aviation Safety Authority and American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine.

In Advanced Cosmetic Medicine, they aim to enhance the beauty of their clients in the most natural way possible. As the science of beauty progresses, they continue to learn and train to serve their clients with up-to-date skills and technology. In this clinic, they use the Factor Four hair loss treatment. This procedure is similar but more advanced than Platelet Rich Plasma.  Here, the patient blood sample has been incubated for some time to allow the platelets to produce growth factors and proteins that speed up tissue repair. Some studies show that the Factor 4 procedure has four times more growth than traditional PRP preparations.

Address: Unit 58/41-47 Melbourne St, North Adelaide SA 5006, Australia

Phone number: +61403690031

Website: https://advancedcosmeticmedicine.com.au/ 

  1. Norwood Day Surgery

Norwood Day Surgery has teamed up with top-notch surgeons to facilitate the needs of their clients in the field of Cosmetic Medicine and Surgery. They dedicate themselves to serving their clients with the best result possible. Norwood Day Surgery received accreditation from the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards. This recognition came from the Australian Health Service Safety and Quality Accreditation Scheme.

Dr Mario Marzola, a fellow of the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery, is the lead surgeon of Norwood Day Surgery.  He has pioneered some of the techniques used worldwide, with his credentials, achievements, and experiences for over 30 years in hair restoration. He is well known and recognized for his contribution to hair restoration. Dr Marzola was also the first person worldwide to offer a school for international physicians to learn hair restoration procedures. Dr Marzola was the President of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery in 1996 and is currently a Diplomate of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery and on the Board of Governors of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.

Dr Carlos has a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery and is a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. He is very fluent in Spanish, and one of his specializations is PRP Cosmetic and Hair.

Address: 42 Nelson St, Stepney SA 5069, Australia

Phone number: +61 8 7079 6796

Website: https://www.norwooddaysurgery.com.au

  1. Medical Cosmetic Centre

Medical Cosmetic Centre’s lead surgeon, Dr George Kerry, is a registered medical practitioner. As a cosmetic Surgeon and one of the leading and highly acknowledged hair transplant surgeons in Australia. He is a founding member of the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine and, he is a member of the Australian Medical Association. With these qualifications, Dr George Kerry places the Medical Cosmetic Centre among one of the leading hair transplant clinics in the country.

Dr George Kerry pioneered and developed the technique Follicular Unit Grafting or FUG. He achieved this after training extensively with cosmetic surgeons from the US. This procedure requires tiny grafts of follicular units of permanent hair to be taken and transplanted into the balding area. They also use Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), where the head gets shaved. Then, they remove many follicular units for the back of the head. Afterwards, these get transplanted in the balding areas.

Address: 206 Melbourne St, North Adelaide SA 5006, Australia

Phone number: +61883670111

Website: https://medicalcosmeticcentre.com.au/

  1. Transitions Hair Group Adelaide

The team leader and owner of Transitions, Mr Angelo Cesare, is a well-trained and experienced hair professional and well known in the hair loss industry. Their products and treatments are nationally recognized and internationally acclaimed.

They offer a free consultation to check your hair loss situation and advise what treatment and solution are most suitable and advisable for you.

These are the treatments they offer:

  • The hair loss concealer procedure (nano gen hair fibres) helps people with thinning hair and baldness. Here, microscopic natural keratin/protein hair building fibres get blended and attached to existing hair. This surgery hides receding areas to provide hair density, volume, and coverage.
  • Sensi Graft came from 20 years of research and development of the Transitions research team. This grafting surgery innovates hair restoration, transitioning between surgical hair transplants and conventional hair replacement procedures. 
  • Laser Hair Retention Therapy gets done at Transitions with FDA approved, latest and state of the art lasers to generate the best results together with other apparatus and procedures to promote healthier hair growth.
  • Surgical hair transplants are popular due to their successes and the advent of micro-grafting.

Address: Suite 19/116-120 Melbourne St, North Adelaide SA 5006, Australia

Phone number: +61882392243

Website:  https://transitionshairadelaide.com.au/

Perhaps, you are still in doubt if hair transplant surgery is suitable for you. According to Healthline, an online health magazine, this procedure helps people with severe hair loss, pattern baldness, and scalp diseases. The treatment can also increase your confidence and appeal. 

Their decades of practice and thousands of testimonials show that these surgeons are dependable. Take time to visit or reach out to these five best hair transplant surgeons in Adelaide.

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