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10 Best Dental Implant Surgeons in Brisbane

You will now learn and discover the ten best dental implant surgeons in Brisbane, one of the most beautiful cities in Australia.

  1. Value Dental Centres Brisbane

Owned and established by 16 dental practitioners, Value Dental Centres Brisbane’s main objective is to provide Brisbanians with the highest quality dental treatment at very affordable prices. These dentists know from experience the struggle Australians need to go through. Hence, they offer reasonable and affordable implants within their budget. With high-quality implants and materials, the Value Dental Centres Brisbane clinic helps its patients who need new teeth. 

They also consider their clients’ ability to pay for the operation. They have contacts and negotiations with dental material suppliers to mark down prices at bulk orders. The owners of Value Dental Centres can offer their dental services at low prices. They do this without compromising the treatment’s quality and their patients’ health and hygiene. This way, the Value Dental Centres provide their patients with the best smile they want.

Address: Level 1/385 MacArthur Ave, Hamilton QLD 4007, Australia

Phone number: +61 1300 825 833

Website: valuedentalcentres.com.au/our-services/dental-implants/

  1. Southside Dental Implants

Dr Burhaan Kassim, the implant dentist at Southside Dental Implants, is well trained, very experienced, and one of the leading implant dentistry providers.  Aside from traditional dentures and bridges, he also conducts more complex dental procedures such as single and multiple tooth replacement, full arch restorations, and implant-supported dentures. 

With its team of dental professionals, Southside Dental Implants serves its patients with high standard, most reliable, and effective dental implant techniques towards an outstanding outcome.

Address: 14/259 McCullough St, Sunnybank QLD 4109, Australia

Phone number: +61733452875

Website: http://www.southsidedentalimplants.com.au/

  1. Brisbane Dental Implant Group

Dr Michael Howard, the founder and prime dental surgeon of Brisbane Dental Implant Group, teams up with dental specialists to provide the community of Coorparoo with a high-class coverage of dental treatments in one establishment. With his 30 years of experience and training in implantology and his achievements and affiliations to the International Congress of Oral Implantology and the Australian Society of Implant Dentistry, one can say that he is at the top of his field.

Dr Edward Hsu is a registered specialist in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery with the Australian Dental Board and the Australian Medical Board. He is a member of the Australian Medical Association, the Australian Dental Association, and the Australian and New Zealand Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons.  He is in charge of his specialization in treating and diagnosing defects, injuries, and diseases of the mouth, jaw, and facial regions. At the Brisbane Dental Implant Group, Dr Edward also performs a wide range of grafting procedures to help Dr Howard with a bony base for patients who needs implant placement and suffer from bone insufficiency and defects.

Dr Peter Russel is a registered specialist prosthodontist and a professor at the University of Queensland. He is also an ITI member and a fellow of the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Prosthodontics. Furthermore, Dr Peter specializes in reconstructive dentistry and the replacement of missing teeth. 

Dr Russel’s expertise includes removable prosthodontics, removable implants, and implant crown, bridges. He also performs edentulous implant cases, joint treatment planning, sleep apnoea management,  TMD management, and splint construction.

Dr Kent Farmer is a specialist Orthodontist and is the President of the Queensland branch of the Australian Society of Orthodontists. He specializes in dental implants, and he loves to work with other surgeons at Brisbane Implant Group. This way, he meets the implant and orthodontic needs of their patients.

Address: 19 Emlyn St, Coorparoo QLD 4151, Australia

Phone number: +61732442400

Website: https://www.brisbanedentalimplantgroup.com.au/

  1. Next Smile All on 4 Centre

Dr Tony Rotondo is a registered prosthodontist with 30 years of experience. He is the first dental surgeon who introduced the famous technology of the All-on-four treatment concept to Queensland and has performed more than 500 procedures with very positive results. 

He advocates passing his skills and knowledge with his dentistry techniques. Therefore, he holds lectures at the University of Queensland and various national and international educational conferences.

Address: Level 4 Suite 1/106 Edward St, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia

Phone number: +61732299333

Website: https://www.nextsmile.com.au/ 

  1. Brisbane Smiles – Toowong

Brisbane Smiles has a group of highly experienced and skilled dental professionals and surgeons. With Dr Paul Mc Kay as the prime dentist and offering his service to his clients as their general dentist, he focuses on family dentistry, rehabilitation dentistry, dental implant surgery, and prosthetics. He is a member of renowned associations, such as the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, the Australian Society of Implant Dentistry, and the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. He also received accreditations with the Australian Society of Implant Dentistry, Misch International Implant Institute Surgical Program and the Diplomate of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists.

He runs Brisbane Smiles with other registered and highly qualified dentists like Dr Graham Mckay, Dr Caroline Dalleh, Dr Nancy Henein, and Dr Ross Foreman.

Address: Bulimba Suites 10 &, 11/204 Oxford St, QLD 4171, Australia

Phone number: +61733996288

Website: https://www.brisbanesmiles.com.au/

  1. Precision Dental

Precision Dental is a high-end practice with state-of-the-art dental equipment and up-to-date technology. Dr Billy Choi, the clinic’s leader, is registered on the Dental Board of Australia. Because of his continuous training and education obtained his fellowship with the Australian Dental Association, the Australian Society of Implant Dentistry, and the Australian Association of Laser Dentistry.

Address: HQ, S13/520 Wickham St, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006, Australia

Phone number: +61738521160


  1. Exquisite Smiles

The Exquisite Smiles clinic is a private clinic run by a qualified dental surgeon, Dr Rajeev Bhandare. His exceptional achievements and qualifications are as follows: a Graduate Diploma of Dental Implantology from the James Cook University, Fellowship of the International Congress of Implantologist in the USA, Advanced Implant Training in Seoul, Korea, Trained in Engine-Driven Advanced Endodontics Hodec in the USA, Advisor to Prime Dental Products and amongst the first Indian dentists to be trained under Dr Newton Fahl Jr mastering the Anterior Composite.

Address: Warner Plaza, Unit 3/1405 Old N Rd, Warner QLD 4500, Australia 

Phone number: +61738824849

Website: https://www.exquisitesmiles.com.au/

  1. Brisbane City Periodontics and Implants

Brisbane City Periodontics and Implants has the largest group of periodontists in the country and offers all aspects of periodontal therapy and dental implant surgeries. With their over 60 years in operation and expertise in dentistry, their philosophy to give their clients the best dental care with the latest innovations and technology is unwavering.

Address: Level 11/141 Queen St, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia

Phone number: +61732219363

Website: https://www.bcpi.com.au/

  1. Foundation Dental Services

Dr John Carrigy is the founder and the lead specialist periodontic of Foundation Dental. He grouped himself with even registered and highly skilled specialist periodontics like Dr Simon Moore, Dr Miriam Lee, and Dr James Carrigy to attend to their patient’s dental needs and care. 

Address: 1/520 Gympie Rd, Strathpine QLD 4500, Australia

Phone number: +61738782519

Website: https://www.foundationdental.com.au/

  1. SEQ Dental Specialist

Dr Florian Mack is a registered specialist prosthodontist both in Australia and Germany. He specializes in telescopic crowned partial dentures, implant crowns, all-on-4 implant dentures, full and partial and immediate dentures, aesthetic dentistry, and TMJ management and bites reconstruction.

Address: Level 5/300 Queen St, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia

Phone number: +61732210443

Website: https://seqdentalspecialist.com.au/

If you need this procedure, you may contact the ten best dental implant surgeons in Brisbane. 

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