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Australia’s Top-Rated Surgeons

We all know that the medical field is loaded with one of the most prominent practitioners in the professional field due to the medical field’s constant high demand. The medical field is extremely important to mankind because without the medical field, proper and excellent quality of healthcare would not be provided to us in the first place. Without the medical field, the world would not have the medical professionals who will ensure the safety and wellbeing of every person in the world.

Medical professionals also ensure to provide other services besides medical services. Some medical practitioners join health missionaries in order to provide basic health needs of people who live in rural areas or the poorer populations.

Every medical professional has a role to fulfill in the medical field because there are different types of medical practitioners. One of the most popular medical professionals are surgeons. Surgeons are one of the most prominent medical practitioners since their tasks are extremely hard to accomplish. A surgeon’s job is to perform diagnosis on a patient, perform surgical operations on the internal systems of the patient’s body.

A surgeon’s job is not just a walk in a park. Surgeons deal with one of the hardest tasks there is since they deal with life and death situations. Surgeons are known to be extremely dexterous when it comes to handling a surgical operation since it requires nimbleness and great focus. But of course, before they achieve the greatest level of skill set needed in becoming surgeons, these medical practitioners were once medical students who underwent extreme education with loads of information to be handled. After the four years of undergraduate studies, these medical students will then head to enroll at a medical school wherein the competition is cutthroat and intense. After that, they will then proceed to applying for an internship in order to get an experience or a glimpse of what awaits when they become legally licensed surgeons.

These long, extensive, difficult, and competitive experiences and situation helps hone the medical students or resident’s character as well as attitude before they become licensed doctors or surgeons, so that they could handle the pressure for when they finally start to officially work as surgeons on the clock.

Surgeons are prominent in so many countries. They are of course, also one of the top or one of the highest paid medical practitioners. But if we were to nitpick every country that houses one of the best medical practitioners, especially in the field of surgery, Australia would take a spot on the podium.

Australia houses most of the competitive and most excellent surgeons in the world. A brief background about Australia is that this continent or country has one of the best healthcare systems in the world which is why it is no surprise that the medical practitioners in that continent or country is one of the best and competent.

And in this article, you will get to know one of Australia’s pride of most excellent surgeons.

Who are the Top Surgeons in Australia?

  1. Chris O’ Brien

Dr. Chris O’ Brien was one of the most prominent surgeons in Sydney, Australia. He had contributed great knowledge to his field of study regarding caring for patients with cancer. He was also a man who exuded great leadership, a vision to eradicate cancer in patients, as well as always having the courage to remain strong in the face of critical circumstances and to all the patients he had in order to give them hope despite the awry situation that is unavoidable in life.

Unfortunately, one of Australia’s formerly promising surgeon had been diagnosed by malignant brain tumor on November 2006, and had passed on 2009. Despite his passing, his memory lives on with the amount of contributions he had made in order to improve medical programs not just in Australia, but in other countries as well.

  • James Muecke

Dr. James Muecke has started his career as a surgical practitioner when he was in Kenya. He is a surgeon who has undying passion to fight blindness. He constantly did research regarding the possible factors that lead to blindness of a person. Based on his research, he found that blindness can be caused by type 2 diabetes.

Dr. James Muecke was also one of the founders of a program in South Australia Institution of Ophthalmology called Vision Myanmar, back in the year 2000. Taking the inspiration from a program he co-pioneered, he also started another organization called “Sight For All”, a program dedicated to ensure that vison and the chance to have their eyesight returned or be able to see for every person, regardless of status in society.

  • Gabrielle McMullin

Raising the women’s flag, coming in the list of one of Australia’s most prominent surgeons, is Dr. Gabrielle McMullin, who is a vascular surgeon as well as a director of the South Sydney Vascular Center located at Miranda.

Dr. Gabrielle McMullin, besides being one of Australia’s vascular surgeons, she also took interested in searching for a treatment for leg ulcers. She was also awarded a Master’s Degree for her outstanding performance in Surgery due to her pioneer that is an advanced technology of duplex Doppler ultrasound in order to further investigate diseases that could arise from the veins of the person.

The Bottomline

There are more multiple surgeons not just in Australia who had amazing and excellent contributions that further help in the advancement of the medical practices and the medical field. Because of their knowledge, excellence, and new theories that they share in the world, every person’s life will be ensured to have great quality because of the progressive changes that occur in the world today. With this notion, the world is a step closer or nearer every single day to completely unravel billions of questions related to science that are continuously being sought for an answer by our medical practitioners as well masters of the different branches of science.


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